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Code: Hardcore Devs Release Update Ahead Of October Release

With Rocket Punch’s Code: Hardcore set to debut sometime next month for PC, the developers have updated the game and brought forth info on the pilots. Action sequences also join the update via Twitter videos that run for 45 or so seconds.

If you’re like me and seek out mecha games on a daily basis, Rocket Punch’s Code: Hardcore is a game worth keeping an eye on. Featuring fast-paced 2D action and mecha suits armed with deadly weapons, a new addition of pilots maneuvering outside their mecha is now a thing.

The interesting thing about this is that, although buggy at the moment, an endeavor that started not too long ago by the small team has manifested in a feature that lets you play as a pilot either inside or out of a mecha suit. The character or pilot was not featured in the original trailer and has since appeared within a couple of weeks.

Given that we are one month or maybe weeks away from Code: Hardcore’s official launch, you can get a sneak peek at what has been accomplished so far regarding pilots, despite the buggy rolling mechanic.

It’ll be interesting to see how the final product comes along? Seeing that the team has made mention of being capable of tackling hard tasks within weeks they should be able to fix and address any known issues before the game becomes available for the wild to consume.

Moreover, another video update that is a bit old shows interaction with AIs and how they can destroy environments and so on. In other words, an enemy can be helpful enough to destroy targets of interest.

The Steam Greenlight game is currently in development for PC and will gain a console version later. As it stands now, Code: Hardcore is set to debut sometime this year’s October, however more information on this game can be found over on

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