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1471810cookie-checkTomb Raider Official Movie Trailer Looks Like Typical Blockbuster Fanfare

Tomb Raider Official Movie Trailer Looks Like Typical Blockbuster Fanfare

If you want the standard fare action beats of a summer blockbuster movie, you’ll probably like the new trailer for Warner Bros. Entertainment’s upcoming Tomb Raider reboot due for release in 2018.

The movie stars Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, going on an adventure to avenge her father’s death and uncover the secrets he was attempting to unearth before his untimely end, likely met at the hands of Trinity.

Vikander’s sidekick for the film is Daniel Wu, who has miraculously managed to land a role where he isn’t a third-fiddle kill-off guy in a Hollywood blockbuster (although whether or not he manages to get killed off in the film remains to be seen), and Walton Goggins continues to defy Hollywood’s calling for redneck-typecasting by portraying the supposed main villain of the film, an archeologist working for Trinity.

You can check out the two minute trailer below, which was posted up over on the Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube channel.

Strangely a lot of people are actually excited for the film based on the rating and comment section. While they admit that Vikander is no Angelina Jolie, they do acknowledge that the film looks “fun”. Others are more skeptical, stating that they will wait to see how it turns out before getting too excited.

The movie seems to combine a little bit of new Tomb Raider games with Uncharted. Instead of being a helpless, constantly beleaguered victim of happenstance, the movie seems to portray Lara more-so as the confident heroine, the complete opposite of how the reboots depicted her.

The trailer ends with an Easter Egg throwback to the old Jolie films by showing Vikander with the twin USPs and the long braid. Obviously she doesn’t use those guns while on the island because she gets captured by the main baddie, so it’s likely either at the start of the film or at the very end.

The action beats look typical and the plot doesn’t seem spectacular. It looks like an average summer blockbuster affair if you’re into that kind of stuff.

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