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Golf Story Gameplay Walkthrough

The Nintendo Switch release of Golf Story has a lot of people exited about the role-playing sports game. Sidebar Games’ new title has been receiving a lot of high praise from gaming outlets, and for those of you who decided to take a risk and play the title, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available for the Nintendo Switch title.

YouTuber BrownMan has a complete walkthrough of the game from start to finish. The game is only four and a half hours long. You can check out the video below.

The basic golfing gameplay is pretty simple. You simply press ‘A’ to start the shot, and then press ‘A’ again to set to the power. The objective is to get the power to the max and then get the bar in the sweet zone on the other side.

You’ll get maximum power by getting the ball in the meter within the diamonds on both sides.

For putting, you simply have to get the put meter to the very end to get full power.

During the early parts of the game, the main character’s dad will teach you how to get the ball on the fairway, as well as how to drive, and how to put.

Your final task during the tutorial is to put while Lucky is being chased by geese. Simply wait for the geese to past by your aim and then make the shot.


Your first task is to talk to some NPCs to your right and help them hit the green button. You can use a wedge and give it full power and you should be able to hit the button.

After pressing the button you’ll see a small cinematic where a coach is attempting to teach some louses to play golf. He won’t evaluate you until you can get some money and pay him for an evaluation.

You can also get some bonus XP by using a pitching wedge and using a notch below max power to knock the ball into a rainbow hole in the next screen in the upper right corner.

Back in the area where the coach is located, there are two more quests you can complete near the sand wedge to earn some XP and get a level up.

First, you’ll need to get the ball onto the fairway – simply use the wedge to blast the ball onto the wedge. The second task is to get the ball out of the sand and onto the fairway near the hole. Simply use the sand wedge to get the ball out of the bunker using the ZL for precision aiming.

Another task is to get the ball out of the weeds and a kid will give you his lunch money.

Talk to the guy near the trees at the far north of the map who will ask you for a red bandanna. You’ll be able to get the bandanna by hitting the ball on the red flag down near the chick with the pink hair.


The flag will lower and you can take the red bandanna back to the guy to earn some XP.

Additionally, you’ll find two of the other green switches in the area. The second switch is located in the far corner of the map behind the building. The third switch is located off the island to the far south. The

The final switch is in the top left hand corner of the map located within a thicket of trees.


After you activate all four green buttons, go to the building with the green lights and shoot the ball into the small putting hole in the building. The bouncers won’t let you in until you get the ball into the hole of the building.

If you need help getting past the mini-golf speedrun, it starts at the 27:00 minute mark.

You’ll only have 21 shots to complete the task, but if you do so within the shot limit you’ll earn $12.00.

You can also earn $2.45 by completing the water region challenge. Talk to the kid by the water to start the quest. You can also earn an extra $3.00 in the putting challenge in the area where the black kid says you can’t put there. Simply put at max power and get the ball into each of the regions to complete the quest.

If you go to the right of the main clubhouse map you can earn some quick XP on the driving range. You simply have to hit the washing machines and you’ll earn XP. If you hit a few you’ll get a quick level-up.


One thing to keep in mind is that as you level up and increase your stats, you will lose some of your overall max stats in certain categories if you focus solely on increasing your power. The idea is to strike a balance depending on your play-style.

Additionally, if you talk to the guy on the driving range to the far left of the range lanes, you can get another quest to hit the ball into specific regions on the driving range as part of the Greenseeking Missiles challenge. You’ll earn $3.50 for completing the challenges. You can complete the next Greenseeking Missiles challenge to earn an additional $7.50.

You can also challenge Brodus and his buddy to a driver challenge – you simply have to hit the ball further than 240 yards. You can use ‘X’ to shape your shot and hit it beyond the 240 mark to earn $4.50.

Once you’re ready to elevate your game to the next level in Golf Story go into the clubhouse and talk to Lucky. Give him the $14 and he will take you to Coach, who is located on the driving range.

You can earn a few bucks performing in the Coach’s training session. Once you finish you can then partake in Teddy’s Challenge and interject an arse-whooping into his afternoon.


During the first challenge, avoid allowing your ball to fall into the red gopher circles, otherwise they will pick up your ball and move it around.

When you play against Teddy, he will be a trash player who’s mother raised a son whose mouth will one day stop talking trash and only be used to service the dirty flops hanging from the unhinged zippers of bums.

Once you complete Teddy’s Challenge, you can head back to the clubhouse area and then battle it out in
Lara’s Challenge.

Unlike Teddy, you’ll have to use a trick shot to get the ball to bounce the ball on the path and then get it into the circle. Lara’s challenge is actually easier than Teddy.

Nathan’s challenge is next. You’ll find Nathan inside the clubhouse in the simulation room to the right of the building.

Talk to the Coach and he’ll tell you to visit the pro shop.

Purchase a Frisbee/golf disc. Go talk to the disc jockeys next to the mini-golf building after you purchase a golf disc from the pro shop.

They teach you how to throw discs by pressing the ‘X’ button to throw the disc, or holding down the ‘X’ button to control it. Complete the challenge in This is Disc Golf to earn some XP.

Talk to Hawk and complete the next disc golf challenge to earn some additional XP and $8.50.

Head back to the Pro Shop and you can challenge the shop owner to a Wellworn Grove Stroke Play for nine holes.

Completing that challenge will earn you a score card that you can take back to the Coach.

Lurker Valley is the next task on the docket once you hand in the score card.

When you get to Lurker Valley, Lara will inform you about the course being closed due to an idol being stolen. Before you can unlock the courses you’ll need to complete the Wee Links Trials by racing around the area. Just complete the challenge within the time limit.

You can then play a match against Lara after completing the race – the match is for seven holes.

Once you complete the challenge you can also earn some XP by feeding the fish in the lake by hitting the balls into the red circles. You’ll have to feed 10 fish to complete the challenge.


You can free a man’s balls… where they’re trapped in tar. Talk to him about his balls and he’ll tell you that his balls are all black… because of the tar. You can get his balls out of the tar by using the precision aiming. Carefully handling the man’s balls will earn you some XP and $4.50.

There’s also a Turtle Lake Zones quest you can complete for a few extra XP and money. The NPC will also have a Fair and Green quest and a Rough and Green quest for you to complete as well. Deep Rough and Green, along with Bunkers and Green are the next set of tasks you’ll have to complete as well.

Before you can properly proceed you’ll have to complete the 10 fish quest in order to progress the story. He’ll require you to purchase a bracelet from the Pro Shop before he can teach you the special ability.

After you purchase a digging wedge from the pro shop, you’ll be able to dig up the sand spots located around the course. Talk to the archeologist and he’ll give you a compass to find the treasures located around the course.


The compass will let you know where you can dig for treasure after you equip the digging wedge. The compass will glow brighter and brighter until it glows brightest and then a prompt should pop up saying “Dig”.

You’ll also find one of the idols in the upper left hand corner of the map using the tracker.

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