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1514590cookie-checkNightmare Boy, Cartoon-Style Platformer Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, Steam

Nightmare Boy, Cartoon-Style Platformer Now Available On PS4, Xbox One, Steam

Badland Games announced that after two years of development, The Vanir Project’s debut game Nightmare Boy is finally available for digital purchase across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or on Steam for PC.

The Vanir Project is based out of Madrid, Spain, and they’ve only been formed since 2014, but started putting in time and effort into Nightmare Boy back in 2015. The small independent team of developers crafted a story around a young boy named Billy who ends up getting turned into the mysterious Rolo. As Rolo, you must survive through his worst nightmares and the equally bad dreams of 10 other children who have also been trapped in the nightmare world.

Every time Billy rescues a kid from the nightmare he unlocks a brand new power in order to grow powerful enough to defeat the dark forces that trapped them there.

You can check out the game in action with the launch trailer below to get an idea of what The Vanir Project was going for.

As you can see, Nightmare Boy combines classic hand-drawn cartoon art with 2D pixel-based gameplay. The team was inspired by the classic golden age of arcade games back when gaming was great.

The idea is to rekindle those old-school moments of thrills and fun when entertainment and high-quality gaming experiences were top priority.

Visually the game looks very reminiscent of Earthworm Jim, Booger Man and ReadySoft’s Brain Dead 13. The kind of artistically distinct games we typically don’t get anymore… save for rare one-offs like Vanir Project’s Nightmare Boy.

Anyway, the game is available right now for only $9.99 You can grab a copy of the action-platformer from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store or from the Steam store. For more info you can pay a visit to the official website.

Before you dive in it might be best to check out the user reviews first to see if it’s worth the price of admission.

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