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Skyrim Together Mod New Video Reveals Progress

Ever wonder how Skyrim would be if you could play it online with friends? If so, there’s good news in that a mod named Skyrim Together is shaping up and bringing online functions to the six year old RPG by Bethesda.

Skyrim is currently playable across PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One. The first platformed named, PC, looks to enhance Skyrim with extra players through a mod named Skyrim Together, which allows multiple people from around the world to play with each other.

The above information comes in from publication site DSOG, which covers a video regarding the Skyrim Together modders and the multiplayer function. Speaking of the video showing multiplayer functions, the following information about the mod briefly explains the current state of the mod:

“Us devs gathering together to try out the current state of the mod. As you can see, it looks like we’re getting there but there are still some minor things to address.”

In other words, progress is being made on the mod, but it still has some minor problems that must be addressed before it launches for public consumption — which could be later this year or sometime in 2018.

The good news is that we learn from the video when opening menus it does not pause the game anymore, staff and scrolls work accordingly, plenty of fixes to cash and bugs have been addressed, and we also see improvements to other features too.

If you want to check out Skyrim online gameplay you can watch the video by Skyrim Together right here.

Hopefully future Creation Club updates will not break or hamper this mod like it did with SKSE-64 Bit. If Bethesda can get their stuff together and fix the Creation Club so that people who want no part in it can exclude themselves from it altogether that would be nice.

Aside from the Creation Club standing as a potential threat to the Skyrim Together mod and other projects, the only thing that will help this mod is time and proper feedback. In the meantime, though, you can learn more about this mod by hitting up the team’s Reddit page or Patreon page.

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