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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Multiplayer Walkthrough

Square Enix rolled out the latest expansion for Final Fantasy XV in the form of the Comrades multiplayer add-on. The new expansion gives gamers an all new quest line to follow, new bosses to fight, and new areas to explore within the world of Final Fantasy XV. For those of you looking for a basic gameplay walkthrough of the new Final Fantasy XV Comrades multiplayer expansion, you’ve come to the right place.

YouTuber Shirrako uploaded the full expansion, which extends for several hours long. You can check it out below.

You’ll find the Comrades expansion from the main menu below the latest DLC you have installed. Once you select it from the menu it’ll take you to another menu where you can select the options and settings for the experience.

Once you’re done setting up the preferences to your liking, click begin to hop into the game world.

The game starts six months after Noctis disappeared into the Crystal while he was at Niflheim. You’ll play as one of the refugees from the Crown City who makes the pilgrimage to Lestallum.

Final Fantasy XV - Libertus

After a brief recap of the events from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, you’ll be greeted by the fat deserter, Libertus.

Once he gets done reintroducing himself, you’ll be able to create a male or female avatar. There are only two genders, as biology intended.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades – Character Creation

You’ll be able to choose your character’s face, hair, features, voice, figure, attire, color, and the details of their facial structure.

Final Fantasy XV - Comrades Character Creation

You’ll have two choices in your ancestor’s face. You have to choose ancestor ‘A’ and ancestor ‘B’ to determine the general look of your character’s head. There are only six choices and one of them looks like he tripped, fell, and his skull couldn’t stop being molested by a horny, jagged-edged rock.

Once you select the two you can use the facial blend to mix and match the faces together.

There are six different hair styles and three different scruffy looking beards.

The three beard choices are basically: child molester, wife beater, and game journalist.


You have two different eyebrows to choose from or three different facial scars.

The most detailed bit of editing you’ll have is with the figure and proportions. You can change your character’s height, weight, head, neck, torso, back, forearms, hips, stomach, rear, legs, and chest. Sadly, you can’t make your schlong super sized.

You can choose your starting attire, skin color, and hair color. There are even options to modify the character’s highlights.

Once you get done with the colors you can modify the facial structure of the mesh, including the eyes, nose, brows, cheeks, chin and lips. This way you don’t look like a clone from a Chinese sweatshop.

Libertus will give you a really quick recap of what your objective is and then you’ll get a quick crash course in the game’s revamped combat system.

Final Fantasy XV - Talcott

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades – Combat Mechanics

You’ll no longer use items for restorative purposes. Instead you’ll need to hold down the left trigger and press Triangle on the DualShock or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller to cast a healing spell.

Curative spells have a small AOE range and will heal both the caster and any ally within range.

Additionally, you can cast an offensive spell by holding down the left trigger and tapping Circle on the DualShock 4 or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller to unleash a damaging magic attack.

All magic attacks and spells consume MP.

You can hold down Square (or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller) to block incoming attacks. Properly timed blocks can be linked into counter-attacks. Tap Square to perform a basic roll-dodge.

Use Circle on the DualShock or ‘B’ on the Xbox controller to perform basic combo attacks.

Right bumper and Triangle (or ‘Y’ on the Xbox controller) will allow you to perform a warp attack.

Fight with Miles, Cor, Libertus and Elea to take out the giant daemons and make your way into Lestallum, which will be your base of operations.

You’ll learn that your main goal at Lestallum is to help bring in refugees from all over Eos and protect them from the daemons.

Talk to Libertus to choose your birthplace, which will determine your magical specialty and abilities.


Once you get done with the basics, go talk to Vyv, who is basically Hurley from the show Lost. He’ll explain you that you can take some snapshots while you travel around Eos.

Final Fantasy XV Comrades - Hurley

Restoring Power To Lestallum

Also, go talk to Jeanne, who is dressed like the most casual hooker you will ever see. Unfortunately, you can’t pay her for the most obvious service she should be providing.

Instead, talk to Jeanne and reroute the power to the parts of the city you’ll need. For instance, you’ll only have a limited amount of kilowatts to redirect throughout Lestallum, so put just enough kilowatts into the used clothes store so you can purchase clothes.


Go talk to the NPC named Monica to begin your first hunt mission with either three other players or the AI.

Take out the designated enemies until the mission ends. It’s a fairly easy first mission.

You’ll earn some food, experience, and a lesson in learning just how pitiful your life as a Glaive has become since the king died.

Completing hunt missions, side-quests and other tasks will unlock additional power to the city of Lestallum, which will in turn allow you to power up other shops and facilities around the city.

You’ll probably want to route power to Cid’s workstation so you can begin remodeling your weapons and gear.


You can use the items you’ve collected to upgrade the weapons you want. Each weapon can be leveled up 30 times, increasing attack power and various other attributes.

Depending on the items you use will depend on how much it can upgrade the weapon.

Repeat the first hunt mission until you can restore full power to the town. Proceed to go talk to Holly at the gate.

Restoring Exineris Power

You’ll need to undertake the solo quest by clearing out the power plant of daemons.

It’s a simple quest that requires you to clear out the base, head inside and take the elevator up top. Kill the killer bees and then make your way onto the cable car and complete the quick-time event by following the on-screen button prompts.

Once the mission is complete you’ll be able to unlock a new hunt called: A Tangled Web They Weave.

If the mission title doesn’t give it away, this is a mission themed around fighting giant spiders, replete with a giant arachnid queen.

Continue to provide power to the city by completing the hunts and powering up the grid beyond the city walls.

Once you complete that basic task you’ll unlock a new mission.


Let Sleeping Kings Lie

Liberatus will need help killing a bunch of goblins attacking his truck. Take them out and you’ll unlock your first Royal Sigil.

The mission is pretty simple and it will unlock a new defensive hunt called Hunter’s Hideaway

Basically defend the homestead farm from the invading monsters until you kill all 54 interlopers.

Once you reach level 10 you’ll unlock plenty more quests, including The Calamitous Karlabos and the Quadrupedal Plateau.

As you complete more quests you’ll be able to send more power to other locations outside of Lestallum. The further away you send power the more power they require.

By the time you reach level 13 you’ll unlock your first escort mission.

Eventually you’ll unlock a mission after you talk to a Hunter to help Aranea in the quest called That Which Draws the Daemons. You’ll have to help the femme fatale defeat the Daemons while the Nidus are on-screen.


Your next major goal is still to supply power to the four major outposts across Eos. This includes:
Old Lestallum
Meldacio Hunter HQ
Cauthess Depot
Galdin Quay

Once you get the four corners of the world all powered up you’ll be able to travel to each location using the fast-travel feature.

The missions will become increasing difficult but you’ll also continue to basically have to rinse and repeat until you earn enough meteorshards to power-up the locations across the world map.

It’s both an interesting and tedious way of progressing through the game. It’s interesting because there’s a clear goal for unlocking new pathways to various locations, but it’s tedious because you have to keep doing the same missions over and over again.

Once you reach level 20 you’ll unlock a new set of missions. You can also gain new missions by moving further beyond the grid limits. The more camps you unlock the more missions those camps will grant you. So if you grow tired of doing the same missions over and over, be sure to send power to the nodes that lead to the camp sites.

Be sure to also buy new clothes so you don’t look like a sweatshop clone. There’s nothing ladies hate more than sweatshop clones. Deck out your gear, customize your hair, and look like something Abercrombie and Fitch would be proud of.

As you continue to unlock new areas on the map and provide power to outposts across Eos, you’ll also be able to elect different leaders to the outposts that will grant you regular bonuses at the outposts.

When you’re selecting leaders it’s likely best to select those that give you bonuses for meteorshards, since those help power the plant, which in turn will allow you to unlock new areas to travel to and new quests to undertake.


As mentioned, you can use the fast travel to get to one of the four locations you’ve unlocked, allowing you to partake in the activities at those locations or to assign the leaders at those designated outposts.

You’ll find the truck to travel to the different outposts at the end of Lestallum’s alleyway just outside the main hub.

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