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Injustice 2 PC Open Beta Now Live And Features Denuvo

Injustice 2’s PC open beta is now live and features the explosive anti-tamper software, Denuvo. That’s right, publisher Warner Bros. and developers NetherRealm Studios will have QLOC over this port of said fighting game and it comes with Denuvo. The PC version of the game will officially launch on November 14th.

Last time it was thought to be a mishap regarding Injustice 2 PC beta release, however some people believe it was the devs adding in Denuvo that delayed its beta. Whatever you like to think was going on with Injustice 2, we do know for a fact that the PC beta is now live for you to try out.

Thanks to publication site DSOG it has been confirmed that the dreaded Denuvo will be present while you assume any hero or villain in the DC brawler game.

Furthermore, the official PC version of Injustice 2 will land for public consumption via Steam and the Microsoft Store come November 14th. This information comes from Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios, as stated in this info from the pair:

“Notice: This is an open beta from November 6 to November 10 that will contain online 1v1 multiplayer only. All stages and DLC characters up to Raiden are available to play.”

Moreover, it is said that the playable PC open beta via Steam is a port that is currently handled by QLOC. If you don’t know, QLOC is responsible for porting Mortal Kombat XL to PC, among other titles.

Folks on PC will also gain access to something else in the near future, do you know what that something is? Mods! If you happen to be a fan of Injustice 2 and wish to mod the game, the ability to alter the game should sate thirsty fans in the near future.

On the topic of altering files, don’t be shocked if Injustice 2 Denuvo is cracked the next day, assuming it’s not cracked by the time this piece is up for your reading pleasure.

Anyway, you can find out more on Injustice 2 PC open beta and full version by hitting up its Steam page.

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