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Planet Of The Apes: The Last Frontier Walkthrough And Choices

Imaginati’s Planet of the Apes: The Last Frontier is the video game story-bridge between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes. For gamers interested in a walkthrough and the various choices, you’ll be able to to check out a walkthrough guide for Planet of the Apes: The Last Frontier.

The game is supposed to be choice heavy, and you can view the walkthrough below, courtesy of MKIceandFire.

The game centers around Bryn, Juno, and the other apes, as they attempt to find food for the rest of the tribe.

There is no actual gameplay, only choices.

You’ll be able to accept or reject certain stances, or choose to support or deny certain suggestions. The game starts with the ability to accept or reject the food from Bryn’s wife, Oaka.

You’ll be able to side either with Bryn’s wife or his brother Juno.

Planet of the Apes The Last Frontier - Burial

The game will switch over to the humans where you’ll be able to argue or agree with Rainey about being the leader over the town. As Jess you’ll also have the option to comfort her son or defend her position.

The game will switch back to Bryn and his family. You can either agree with Tola or Bryn’s father. Tola wants to hunt beyond the mountain and attack humans, he also doesn’t want to bring Juno with them. Clarence suggests the three brothers work together. You can also either defend Juno or agree with Tola that Juno shouldn’t join them on the hunt.

Back with Jess, you’ll have another conversation with Rainey, who informs Jess that there are food supply shortages.

If you mention not to tell the people about the shortages, Rainey will agree with Jess.

Later, two men will ask for passage into the town of Millerton. Rainey will not want to let them in, but Maria will. They will come in regardless, but if you agree with Rainey then Jess will tell the men they can’t enter and Maria will let them in anyway.


Bryn, Tola, Brutus, and Clarence will argue about hunting in the mountains. There will be options to either back up Clarence who wants the hunting party to stay on the mountains to hunt, or you can back up Tola, who wants to hunt on the plains below the mountains. Brutus will also suggest that they need to think about hunting elsewhere if there is no food to be found on the mountains.

Tola will be angered if you choose Clarence over him, where-as Clarence will be disappointed if you choose to ignore Bryn’s father’s request to stay on the mountains.

Planet of the Apes The Last Frontier – Tola

When you reach the farm, Bryn and Tola will converse about the food.

Tola will say that they can take the food without being spotted, while Juno will begin to panic at the thought of seeing humans.

You can choose to either take the steer or choose to attack the humans.

Tola and Brutus will want to fight and kill the humans.

During the action sequence you’ll be able to choose to shoot at the humans. If you choose not to shoot then the humans will get away. From there you’ll be able to choose whether to cover for Tola or persuade the hunting party to tell the truth when it’s time to face the tribe leader.

After Pete gets back into town, you’ll be able to choose to side with Maria or Rainey. Maria will want to wait until morning while Rainey will want to find out what happened that night. If you side with Rainey they’ll go talk to Willits and his buddy about the ape skull found in their backpack.

It turns out that the drifting duo are ape hunters.

You’ll be able to choose to ask them for help, along with either letting them take control or telling them that Jess is still in charge. Even if Jess tells them that she’s in charge, they will still agree to help.

Back with Bryn, Clarence will confront Tola about where they got the food from, in which case you can choose to either deflect or deceive Clarence.

Khan, the tribe leader, will then wish to speak to the trio of brothers, Bryn, Tola and Juno.

During the conversation, Khan will ask if it’s true that the food came from the mountain. You can either lie and say yes or evade.

Khan will ask one last time for the truth. You’ll be able to choose to either lie or confess.

Planet of the Apes The Last Frontier - Khan

Back with Jess and the ape hunters, they discover the dead body. You’ll be able to choose to either be aggressive and follow Reeves and Willits or be defensive and choose to let it go.

Reeves and Willits will want to track down the apes and kill them, while Rainey will want to just bury Pete and protect the herd. Even if you choose to be defensive they will still head into the forest to track down the apes.

During the shootout you’ll have the option to kill the apes by pressing and holding down ‘X’.

If you choose to shoot then Jess will kill the apes. If you choose not to shoot then Khan will ram her off her horse and Rainey will shoot him in the back.

After Khan bites the dust, it will switch back to Jess and the ape hunters.

You’ll be able to choose to either prioritize protecting Millerton against the apes or protecting the cattle. Rainey will want to secure the food sources for the town where-as Willits will want to prioritize defenses against the apes. You’ll have to choose between the two.

Back with Bryn and Tola, Oaka will check Tola after he begins to attack Juno. Bryn will have the choice to either back Tola or back Oaka.

During the argument, you can choose to have Bryn pacify Tola by telling him he will be leader or you can choose to be aggressive and say that the humans must pay.


Back at the camp, Jess and Rainey will get into an argument about using heavy artillery. Rainey will want to use assault rifles and you’ll be able to agree with or decline that request.

When Tola takes command, he will want to go to war with the humans.

Brutus and Tola will want to incite fear in the humans and make the blood of the humans flow.

You can choose to either agree with Tola or have Bryn speak caution to Tola.

Tola will then gather a hunting party and bring Clarence along with them as they attempt to go kill humans, which leads into the next chapter.

Chapter 3: Lines in the Sand

You will be able to agree or disagree with Clarence, who suggests that the attack is foolish.

Tola will want Bryn to attack the lights at the town. You can choose to tell him that the plan is unwise or agree with it. Juno will also request to accompany Bryn, opening up the option to have Juno stay with the others or protect Clarence.

If you’re not at all concerned with the rest of the “gameplay” and only curious what the ending is, there’s a video compilation containing just the endings, so you can see how the different choices affect the ending.

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