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Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris Campaign Walkthrough

The second season of Destiny 2 is already underway. The second season, called the Curse of Osiris, is live. The expansion features all new story campaign missions beyond the original campaign that came with the base game. There are some Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris campaign walkthrough video guides available to help you out and get you on your way.

If you’ve completed the base game, head to the planet selection screen, click on Mercury and click “Launch” on the Curse of Osiris: The Gateway mission. This will start up a short recap of the first game’s story and what’s next, followed by another short cinematic. You can check it out below in the Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris gameplay walkthrough available from MKIceandFire.

The cinematic shows Osiris in some great peril after launching his floating mechanical friend through a portal.

The Ghost is recovered by Ikora. The player Guardian must attempt to repair Sagira by venturing to Mercury to find out what went down.

You’ll start at the Lighthouse, and will need to make your way to a Vex gateway.

Leap across the chasms. Kill the fanatics along the way and follow the pathway through the parted doorway leading toward the erect platforms below.

Destiny 2 - Magic Cubes

Head across the bridge to the other side where the old ruins lay.

A Gatekeeper will be gatekeeping the pathway toward the gateway.

Take out the keeper and attempt to head through the Illuminati portal.

You won’t be able to get through the portal but you will have to bring Sagira to Osiris’ disciple.

A bevy of enemies will spawn on your return trip back across the courtyard.

Head to your right and kill all the Vex in front of the portal.

Once they’re cleared out you can head to the inner sanctum of Brother Vance.

The next mission requires you to fly all the way back to Earth so you can repair Sagira. You’ll find the continuation of the mission at the Trostland landing zone where you’ll need to complete Curse of Osiris: A Deadly Trial.

Ride the Sparrow across the field and take out the enemy walker and the minion dregs.

Speed through the tunnels like a rat on crack, and make your way through the mountain pass.

Kill any of the infidels that stand in your way, gunning them down like Putin guns down bears.

You’ll reach a radio tower controlled by the Fallen. Take them out. You’ll probably want to dismount here because otherwise they’ll flank the crap out of you and will pepper your Sparrow like a chef peppers prime rib while curing the meat.

Fight your way up to the top of the radio tower and the go inside and down into the Hangman’s Pass.

Use the magic Vex tech to revive Sagira. Your Ghost will become trans, a symbol of the Liberal agenda, after having to share his body with Sagira. Once this transformation is complete, the mission will end.

The mission will take you back to Mercury so you can complete Curse of Osiris: Beyond Infinity.

Move around the pantheon and use the man-cannon to head to the temple on the other side of the area. Kill the Vex and travel to the island to shut down the warp gates. You’ll need to steal the keys from the Gatekeepers by going back and forth across the platforms to kill the enemies and get the keys to shut down the gates.

Once you acquire the two keys head to the center island and take out the minions before killing the Gate Lord.

It’s probably best to bring some friends along. And if you’re a furry and have no friends, you should probably stick to playing trash like Sonic Forces.

Once the Gate Lord is defeated, activate the relic and go into the portal to reach the Infinite Forest.

There’s nothing to shoot at early on. Just follow the linear pathway through the platforming segments until you reach the giant holographic cube. Shoot the cube.

Continue to follow the pathway out into the Infinite Forest.

Make your way through the Infinite Forest, as laid out by Osiris. Kill the Vex along the way, like a cop in training to join Chicago PD.

You’ll want to make your way to the very end of the platform where there’s a towering wall of light. Activate the wall of light to open the “door” and proceed onward.


Follow the pathways to the next lightwall. Activate it to move on.

As pointed out by Sagira, you’ll need to kill the local daemon before you can move forward past some segments.

Once you reach the end, you’ll travel back in time to check out Mercury when it looked like No Man’s Sky.


After the brief recap, you’ll head back into the Infinite Forest. Keep killing Vex and moving along the pathways. It feels very much like a level out of Halo 2… back when Bungie used to make good games.

Next you’ll see the Simulant Future when the Vex win and Panoptes takes over. Essentially the dark future turns the world of Destiny 2 into the beginning of Terminator 2.

You won’t be able to fight Panoptes on your own. Hop through the portal and the mission will conclude and take you back to the city.

Talk to Ikora Rey and she’ll direct you to go get a map from the Pyramidion on IO.

You’ll need to head into the Pyramidion to steal a map of the Infinite Forest from the Vex.

Go into the tunnel that Sagira opens up for you and kill the Vex like a Jihadi immigrant welcomed into a German suburb by Merkel: no survivors.

Make your way through the Vex toward the warp gate. Keep on keeping on until Sagira finds the coordinates for the nodes in the infinite forest.

Head back to the Infinite Forest through the Lighthouse.

Back inside the Infinite Forest, follow the waypoint to the coordinates. Just like in the previous run you did while in the Infinite Forest, look for the lightwalls to open up and proceed to the next platform until you reach the coordinates.

You’ll eventually find your way toward the barrier at the giant tower.

Defeat all the nearby enemies, head into the portal and then use the Sparrow to jump across the chasm to get to the center structure. Keep your Sparrow out and ride it through the tunnel down into the giant halls where more enemies await you.

Carefully head through the cavern with the laser grids and across the tiny bridge.

Make your way into the center where the map is located and fight Valus Thuun.

It won’t be easy and there are lots of minions nearby. Stay on the outside of the arena and pick off the creeps while avoiding the laser grids. Thuun will move back into another room and activate some more laser grids. If you have a sniper rifle, keep your distance to avoid the lasers and snipe Valus Thuun to avoid dying.

Once he’s down, platform-hop across the gaps and fight Thuun some more until you finally kill him.

Reach the map orb to finish off the mission.

Travel to Nessus and pick up the mission Hijacked to continue the Curse of Osiris campaign.

Hop on the Sparrow once you start the mission and race through the forests to take the brain of a powerful Vex to help upgrade the processing power of Sagira.

Follow the navpoint into the caves and take out a garrison of Vex.

Shoot your way into the cave and use the platforms to scale up to the top to reach the navpoint.

When you finally reach the processor it won’t be of any use, but Ikora suggests looking to the past to stop the Vex in the future.

This requires going back to Mercury and going back into the Infinite Forest… again.

If you need to breeze through the entirety of Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, YouTuber Gamer’s Little Playground has a complete playthrough from start to finish that covers the entire expansion in just under two hours. He’s real breezy with it. You can check it out below.

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is available right now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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