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Assassin’s Creed: Origins – The Hidden Ones Gameplay Walkthrough

Ubisoft’s first major expansion for Assassin’s Creed: Origins is called “The Hidden Ones”. It recently plopped out as a standalone DLC or as part of the season pass for those who purchased it for PC, PS4 or Xbox One. If you’re in need of a gameplay walkthrough for the new DLC expansion, there’s one available that covers the decent-sized story content.

YouTuber Fatbot has a 17 video playlist featuring all the major story missions and some of the additional side-missions and collectible quests. You can check out the complete Assassin’s Creed: Origins – The Hidden Ones walkthrough below.

The start of the expansion begins by checking your inventory for a letter that will take you to Sinai.

Head to the Hidden Ones’ Bureau located through the mountain pass.

When you reach the top of the hideout you’ll need to use Senu to find a hidden entrance to the bureau.

Once you get inside, talk to Tahira to continue the quest.

This will open up a number of side quests.

However, you’ll need to head back to Alexandria to complete the introductory chain-quest by talking to an NPC in front of the crepidoma columns. You’ll receive a letter from Otis who will request you to visit them in Alexandria. You’ll have to move through the Saragina Camp and take out the troops.

Kill the commander who is caring a letter; take it and read the letter.

You’re not done in the Saragina Camp, however. You’ll have to kill all of the soldiers in the area.

You’ll then need to destroy all the bribes by locating the carts and dispensing of them.


Once you get done destroying the carts, proceed to assassinate Jibade.

You’ll find Jibade inside of the fortress near the southwest side.

Jibade is traveling around with a special security detail, surrounded by some heavily armored troops.

One tactic that can work well is to take out the guards on the towers; climb up the towers and then disable the alarms. You can then make your way around the battlements until you can snipe out Jibade with a well timed arrow shot.

You’ll also find one of the carts in the courtyard you’ll need to sabotage.

You’ll find the last cart located in Kanopos Nome.


The cart is on the side of the road, lightly guarded.

From there you’ll need to meet Otis in Alexandria at a small residence occupied by soldiers.

If you have the heart of a tiger and the fighting skills to work a controller like a six-limbed pianists, then feel free to kill all the guards. Alternatively, you can sneak across the rooftops and use the balcony to get inside, stealthily kill the guards and examine Otis’ dead body.

Break the jar upstairs and take Otis’ notes to complete the mission.

The next mission, Rise of Shaqilat, will require you to travel back to the Sinai Quarry.

When you get to the area you’ll need to reach the lost Hidden One on the merchant ship off the cliff side.

You can use the tree to get onto the merchant ship. Examine the items on the boat.

There will be cages on the second ship for children, and a third ship that reveals that the merchants were robbed.

The notes will reveal that the children are being sold into slavery at the Quarry.

Travel to the Klysma Underground Quarry Outpost.

Take out the guards at the outpost and check the notes on the stool to complete that segment of the mission.

This will open up the next mission, Rescue The Lost Hidden One.

Free the prisoner and escort him out of the Klysma Quarry who will inform you about Shaqilat, a liberator of the child slaves.

You’ll find Shaqilat east, southeast of the Klysma Quarry.

Romans will attack the village. Kill the Roman soldiers.

Shaqilat will flee the village and you’ll need to follow her along the cliff’s edge.

Perform a Leap of Faith to get Shaqilat to join the Brotherhood.

Head back to the Bureau to pick up the next quest, which is to execute Tacito.

You’ll need to kill Tacito, a captain and a commander.

You’ll need to scout out the area to find the best way to take out Tacito.

You can snipe Tacito from a distance using your bow, but the mission won’t be complete until you confirm the kill. So even if you do manage to kill him from a distance you’ll have to make your way around to reach the body.

From there you’ll need to make your way back to Tahira’s camp to complete the mission.

The next goal is to take out all the Roman soldiers in Tacito’s camp.

So the more guards you took out in the previous mission will help in your current mission.

One of the ways you can move through the camp quickly and more efficiently is by freeing the prisoners to help fight against the Roman soldiers, which can prove to be rather effective in taking out the soldiers.

Additionally, going into Tacito’s camp under the cover of night will help mask your visibility if you plan on using a stealthy approach.

You’ll next need to talk to a singing NPC at the Quarry.

The NPC will give you a quest about the dead who cannot enter the afterlife and it will require Bayek to investigate the Necropolis Road in the quest the Howls of the Dead.

You can follow the road on camel to get to the quest area, which involves talking to an old man NPC.

The old man is intent on taking his wife’s body into the main chamber. You’ll need to take the horse with his wife’s body on it and ride into the Necropolis heights.

Ride up to the entryway into the chamber, get off the horse and take the body off the back of the horse and go inside the tomb.

Place the woman’s body at the marked point on the ground and explore the cave to find out where the sounds are coming from.

At the back end of the tomb there’s a small hole in the wall. You can crouch through the hole to get to the other side to find the sources of the sounds.

You’ll find Set inside the burial room. Kill Set to complete the Howls of the Dead mission.

It’s a rather short mission, but there’s nothing wrong with short missions.

Your next mission is just outside of Necropolis. There’s an NPC running around trying to find some treasure.

To complete the Ballad of Si-Mut and Gertha, you’ll need to follow the clues that will eventually lead you into a cave area after discovering some scrolls. This will take you into a hyena’s den, where you’ll find the third scroll in a pile of bones.

You’ll then need to travel 1km to the Reaver’s Canyon, far up north in Sinai.

Take out the bandits in the Reaver’s Canyon. If you go in at night you’ll be able to take out plenty of the bandits while they rest in the tent, limiting your need to engage multiple enemies at a time.

Destroy the wooden entrance into the cave, and you’ll encounter the fourth scroll.

This will lead you further north still to the Sunken Quarry, located northwest of your current position. It’s about 580 meters away.

Talk to the NPC again and you’ll have to head underwater in the croc infested waters to acquire the treasure located in the jars.

Your next mission is to take out Ampelius, the administrator. You’ll find him at the old watchtower in Paratiritirio.

Ampelius is dressed like all his captains, so you won’t be able to easily tag him with Senu like other targets. You’ll need to tag all of the captains, this will allow you to spot out and attempt to take out all of the captains in hopes of killing Ampelius.

The best tactic to taking out Ampelius is to take out the guards along the battlements, and then thin out the captains until you finally kill him, and then you must confirm the kill where you’ll see Ampelius without any hands, standing over a treasure box of severed hands.

The next mission, Respect Thy Brother, will require you to exfiltrate the Hidden One’s body from the fort.

Exit from the fort and place the body on a camel or horse, and take the body to the marked location on the map, located in the hills in Klysma Nome.


Once you reach the suitable resting place, get off the transportation and bury the body of the Hidden One atop the hills.

This will complete the mission and proceed to open up the next question in the DLC, where you’ll need to head back to the Klysma Quarry and red the note on the table of weapons called “The Way of Horus”.

You’ll need to travel into the Seshat’s Grotto in the mission The Killer Shadow and you’ll need to reach it by traveling into the cave just located near the area where you picked up the letter.

There will be two guards inside that you’ll need to take out to progress further in.

Down inside the cave you’ll find the slaves located inside the quarry’s mines.

Go talk to the NPC slaver by the ore.

You’ll need to go find and assassinate Harwa. The slaver is 900 meters away, far north of your current position.

You’ll find Harwa with a cart and a cage with slaves inside. Kill all the enemies and free the slave.

This will open up the next quest near the pyramid that’s under construction.

For The Setting Sun quest, you’ll need to go talk to Amenmesse.

You’ll work with Galimat to attack Ptahmose, the mason, to raid his work site.

You’ll need to infiltrate the pyramid and kill Ptahmose.

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