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Batman The Enemy Within Season 2 – Episode 5 Walkthrough And Choices

Telltale’s Batman The Enemy Within for PC, PS4 and Xbox One has finally wrapped up with the fifth and final episode of the season. The final entry centers around the tough choices Batman must make, as John Doe has finally emerged as the Joker. Only, he either becomes a vigilante or a villain based on Batman’s (and Bruce’s) decisions. If you need help with making some of those tough choices, some walkthrough guides are available for Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 5: Same Stitch.

YouTuber MKIceandFire has Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 5 locked and loaded up, which you can view below. Now keep in mind that the below episode is for the villain, which means you ended Batman: The Enemey Within – Episode 4 by betraying John’s trust and saying that you don’t trust him and he ends up joining Harley. You can view the episode below.

The episode starts with John leaving Bruce a voice message about what it looks like when a friendship dies.

We then see Bullock investigating and alley where a man with a clown mask is bending over a crate.

Bullock is then apprehended by the clowns and strung up.

They nail him to the van and they call in Batman to help out.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Bullock Bomb

Examine Bullock and cycle through the vision until you come across the box in Bullock’s stomach. It’ll have a timer on it. Use the ‘A’ button on the Xbox One controller or the ‘X’ button on the DualShock to cut the box out of Bullock’s stomach to save his life.

If Gordon was fired by Waller, he’ll talk to Batman about the crime in the city. Ask Jim to help fight back against the crime in Gotham and he’ll remember that.

When Bruce heads back into the office to talk to Regina about the manifest he finds with the assault rifles, Regina will ask Bruce about why he was friends with Joker and Harley. If you tell her Bruce was working with the feds, she’ll believe Bruce.

When Bruce asks Regina about the manifests she’ll deny that he was her. However, Harley and Joker will burst into the board room and kill all of the executives.

During the sequence where Joker is looming over Bruce, you can target Joker’s handkerchief.


Place the fabric in the Batcomputer and then examine the three major travel locations that Harley and Joker attacked with the virus.

You’ll need to find a location that contains wax, wine and pollen.

The location you need has to have all three elements.

The Church contains the wine, pollen and wax.

After a conversation with Waller, Batman enters the Divinity Church like a boss.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Church Boss

When Tiffany arrives, if you tell her to leave she’ll be taken aback and will remember that.

Use the scanner to examine the spot behind the pulpit to find the bomb.

Examine the bomb and it will be discovered that there are three sets of wires. The yellow wire will disable the bomb.

When Avesta starts blaming herself for Joker, you can tell her that everyone played a part and she will remember that.

Batman will receive a call from Jim but it turns out to be a trap. Beat up the thugs until it turns out that Jim was tricked by Joker to betray Bruce.

You can choose to have Batman angry at Jim for betraying him or tell him to leave. Joker will shoot Gordon in the knees.

Batman will get captured and Joker will take his suit.

Have Bruce break his thumb and to get out of the cuffs. Then take the Riddler’s cane to get the key to – you can either trust Selina with the key or take it for yourself.

If you push the key to Selina she’ll help Bruce, even if you betrayed her in Episode 3.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Joker Ruminates On Harley

Use the shovel to dig up the box and you’ll have to place the right cards with the right sticker cards.

  • Lucius Fox = Batman Card
  • Thomas Wayne = Joe Jill
  • Martha Wayne = Thomas
  • Riddler = (don’t put any cards here, it’s just a joke by Joker since there are no killers)
  • John Doe = Bruce Wayne

Use the crowbar to open the casket.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Bruce and Selina

Tiffany will reveal that she killed Riddler. Selina will attack Tiffany because she returned to gotham to avenge Riddler’s death. You can inform Selina that Riddler killed Lucius Fox.

If you’re mean to Joker he’ll punch and beat up and stab Bruce. If you’re nice and play along, Joker will remember that.

During the three rounds game, if you talk to John and attempt to get through to him by talking about doing what was best for him, he’ll remember that.

After Bruce defuses the bomb there’s a lengthy fight sequence.


Follow the QTE fight sequence until Bruce and Joker have a fight at the top of the funhouse.

If you tell John that he broke Bruce’s heart he’ll remember that.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Joker And Bruce Are Friends

Joker will then ask if all of their moments were bad. If you tell Joker they wish they never met he’ll remember that, and if you tell Joker that some of the moments were fun, he’ll also remember that.

Bruce will get to talk with Waller, and will have the option of clearing some of the people closest to him, including, Catwoman, Gordon and Avesta.

You’ll be given an option to either have Waller arrest Tiffany for the murder of Riddler or Bruce can go talk to Tiffany before she’s airlifted out.

During the conversation Batman can tell Tiffany that he’ll bring her to justice or to watch her back while she’s with Waller. The conversation will change Tiffany’s relationship with Bruce, either for the better or for worse.

There’s a final conversation that Bruce has with Alfred, who tells Bruce that he’s leaving Wayne’s manor.

You can either choose to understand Alfred, or you can admonish him for whining about the situation. Either choice will change the relationship with Alfred.

You’ll have a final choice to either give up Batman or give up Alfred. If Bruce chooses Batman then Alfred will leave forever. If Bruce choose Alfred, then he will give up Batman and the Batsignal will fade out of the sky as the screen fades to black.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Batman or Alfred

Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 5: Vigilante Walkthrough

Now if you decided in the fourth episode to trust John, then he’ll turn into a vigilante and this drastically changes the episode. In fact, the episode is a completely different unfolding of the story and starts completely different.

Joker will have a vigilante crew setup to lure Waller’s agents to a trap. Batman will go to the scene after receiving a voice message from Joker, who has turned into a deadly vigilante.

There’s an alternative playthrough of Batman: The Enemy Within – Episode 5 by XCV, which you can check out below.

As Batman you’ll need to disable the light to distract the agents to get into the compound where Batman discovers that the agents are set to execute the clown thugs.

A QTE fight will ensue with Joker and Batman fighting the agents.

Bane will pop out and you’ll have to fight him. You can use either the car or the smokestack to disable Bane. While he attempts to escape you can either grapple or shock Joker when he starts stabbing Bane in the back. If you grapple him and tell him that heroes don’t kill, Joker will remember that.


Alfred will show up to patch up Bruce after his arm gets split open by Bane. There’s a short sequence involving fixing Bruce’s arm.

You can convince Joker to hand over the virus after talking to Waller.

If you’re stern with Joker he’ll remember that, but you can also chide him away from wanting to murder Waller.

Batman will attempt to acquire counter intel on Waller. He’ll be able to contact a number of people to help get counter intel on Waller.

Talk to agent Iman Avesta and she will give Batman some information on Waller.

Avesta will give Batman the Waller Burn Document.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Avesta Choices

Due to her choice, you’ll be able to choose to help Avesta or to tell her to get out of Gotham. If you offer Avesta a job at Wayne enterprises she’ll remember that.

Waller will confront Avesta and Batman.

Even if you attempt to reason with Waller, she will turn it down. Waller will then introduce the Suicide Squad.

Batman will introduce the dossier to Waller, who will accept Batman’s terms.

If Batman attempts to get Waller to let Catwoman go from the Suicide Squad, Waller will tell Batman to give up the Joker. You have the choice to either betray Joker or tell Waller to leave.


Joker will emerge to attack Waller while the Suicide Squad attacks Batman.

After the QTE fight, Batman will be impaled on a spike during the GCPD explosion.

When Catwoman rescues Batman, you can either tell her to get out of Gotham or you can have Batman say “I love you” before he passes out.

If in your playthrough you trusted Tiffany in previous episodes by bringing her in on Bruce’s secret, instead of joining Waller Tiffany will join Batman as a sidekick.

If you trust Tiffany and allow her to join with you in the fight, Batman’s relationship with Tiffany will change for the better.

Batman and Tiffany will go back to the crime scene where Joker and Batman fought Bane.

Have Tiffany scan the paint job of the Joker’s vehicle to discover the origins of the paint.

Jim Gordon will tell Batman that he misses raking over crime scenes. You can choose to be harsh with Gordon or you can choose to show appreciation – if you show appreciation toward Gordon it will improve his relationship with Batman.

Harley will disrupt the crime scene, but you can take her down during a fight sequence before heading off to Ace Chemicals.

You can then talk to Joker to convince him to let go of Waller.

If you attempt to tell Joker that it’s not doing things Batman’s way but doing things the just way, Joker will get angry with Batman.

If you tell Joker that he can get help, he’ll go crazy and kill the agents by impaling their brains and slicing their throats.

Batman and Joker will fight over the chemicals, reminiscent of the fight in Tim Burton’s 1989 film, Batman.

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 5 - Joker and Batman Friends

At the end of the fight, Joker will ask Bruce if he ever considered him as a friend. You’ll have the choice of choosing if Batman and Joker were friends, or if they were friends not once during their escapades.

If you choose to tell Joker that there were times when they were friends, Joker will remember that.

Waller and Batman will have a conversation, where Batman can defend himself in what he does or simply tell Waller to get out of his town.

Gordon will also talk to Batman, and if you tell him that you enjoyed their time partnering up against criminals, Gordon will remember that.

Batman will address Tiffany murdering Riddler. You can either tell Tiffany that nothing justifies murder or you can tell her that she’s only human. You’ll have the choice of either telling her she has to face justice, or that she needs a mentor.

If Batman tells Tiffany she needs a mentor then she will become Batman’s newest sidekick.

Bruce and Alfred have a final talk at the Wayne Manor where Alfred will tell Bruce that he’s leaving, just like in the villain path.

The major difference is in the ending, where they show Joker in Arkham Asylum. However, instead of playing with a doll he made up of Bruce Wayne, Joker gets a visit from Bruce. He smiles widely before the screen fades to black.

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