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Brutal MooD, Brutal Doom Clone Gets An Alpha Demo

Quad Damage Games put out an alpha demo for their top-down shooter that’s inspired by classic shooters like Gremlin Interactive’s Loaded and Sgt. Mark IV’s Brutal Doom mod. The name of the game is called Brutal MooD, and it will give gamers a nice gory fix for those of you out there looking for a spiritual successor to classics like Raven Software’s Take No Prisoners or MageSlayer.

A short while ago AlphaBetaGamer reported on the release of the alpha demo, which you can download right now from Google Drive.

As pointed out by the website, you get two different levels to explore and a mouse-operated line of sight mechanic and reticule, very similar to the classic Alien Shooter games.

The highlight of Brutal MooD is that it replicates the physics and gore from DOOM. You see bodies blast across the screen when shot from close range, as well as the entrails of saps too poor in grit to survive the harsh corridors of a hell-tainted industrial complex.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the preview video below.

Just like in DOOM, you start with a pistol and then attempt to acquire bigger and badder weapons. I have to say that the shotgun in Brutal MooD fires with the sort of satisfying thump that few games have managed to capture, least of all the Liberal-friendly shooter games like Far Cry.

What’s also interesting is that you can’t see enemies on the map until they come into your line of sight. So this means you have to keep an eye out on your front, your back and your sides.

Much like the old-school id Software DOOM games from the 1990s, the game’s soundtrack is pulse-pounding with heavy metal oozing out of every beat.

Brutal MooD isn’t out yet but it’s coming soon. You can wishlist the game or follow its development by checking out the Steam store page.

If you hate all the SJW politics ruining video games lately, you’ll probably want to support homegrown efforts like Brutal MooD in order to help make gaming great again.

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