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27 April 2018

Disco Elysium, Fantasy-Noir Detective RPG Heads To PC Later This Year

ZAUM and Humble Bundle announced that Disco Elysium is set to launch later this year for PC. It originally debut at EGX Rezzed and PAX, giving gamers an idea of what the developers had in store, but for those who weren’t in attendance at the event, it may have slipped under the promotional radar.

Disco Elysium is a hybrid, detective noir game set in a fantasy universe and played like an isometric CRPG. A unique mix, no?

Well, players take on the role of a disgraced, drunk detective in the Revachol West, which is a tiny town with a big corruption problem (think Walking Tall). With murders reaching peak-Chicago levels and desolation reaching peak-Detroit levels, players must use their detective skills to investigate crimes, explore the environment and interrogate suspects.

You can check out the gameplay trailer for Disco Elysium below.

So first off, visually this game has a very cool look to it. In certain sequences it almost looks like hand-painted concept art, even though the characters and environments are in 3D.

It’s a shame only indie games experiment with that kind of art-style because it would be nice to see it used more often it other RPGs. Then again, AAA publishers are too busy trying to turn all their brands and franchises into gambling houses, so experimenting with unique visual presentations is always out of the question.

Disco Elysium - Environments

The game uses set-pieces combat mechanics, which is interesting. You can engage in combat with characters or avoid drawing your gun – the choice is yours. A prime focus of the game is on interacting with the characters and attempting to solve the case(s).

You can customize the detective in anyway you see fit, having him run around in his man-panties and socks, or dressing him up in a standard police issued uniform.

You can look for Disco Elysium to launch later this year on Steam for PC. You can learn more by checking out the Steam store page.

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