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Eden Rising Gameplay Video Highlights Armor Crafting, Exploration, Tower Defense Co-op

Nvizzio Creations released a new gameplay trailer for their open-world, survival sandbox, tower-defense multiplayer game, Eden Rising: Supremacy.

The developers held a live-stream explaining the basics of the game, including how players can create their own character and that they’ve crash landed on a foreign planet. In order to survive on the planet the player-character begins going through a mutation process, which you see early on in the video.

As you develop and become stronger, you’ll continue to mutate in order to adapt to the endemic nature of the world.

At the start of the game you’ll need to gather supplies and craft some armor and weapons. The first main mission is to get to the monolith in order to defend it with a group of other players.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the video below.

On the way to the monolith players will encounter enemy NPCs, which can prove to be a real challenge early on in the game.

Once you get to the first main monolith and activate it, it’ll work as a base camp for the characters, it’s also where you can resurrect, build structures and partake in the tower defense sieges.

Essentially, Nvizzio created a survival game where you’ll have to go through the standard orientation of survival, but then you’ll also have to level up and get stronger in order to defend the monoliths scattered around the planet.

During the video they demonstrate how the tower defense works. There are multiple lanes per crucible, and the first challenge involves defending the crucible from monsters coming from only one lane. As more challenges are added to the player’s plate, more lanes open up, making for a more dynamic and hardy battle.

Much like Orcs Must Die or Dungeon Defenders, it’s possible to defend the crucible using structures and defensive measures, as well as manually jumping into the battle with your character to open up a can of whoop-butt.

The game is designed primarily around co-op instead of competitive play, so if you’re looking for yet another cookie cutter PvP game, you probably won’t find it in Eden Rising. During Early Access the game will feature eight-player cooperative gameplay, but the full version will support up to 16-players per instance.

Eden Rising: Supremacy is scheduled to enter into Early Access on Steam starting in early May. For more info you can check out the game’s Steam store page.

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