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1528130cookie-checkHorizon Zero Dawn Cheats Added To Best Xploder Cheat System Database For PS4
28 April 2018
1.33 min read

Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats Added To Best Xploder Cheat System Database For PS4

The Xploder Cheat System has been updated with 100 new game saves, including Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn. Some of the Horizon Zero Dawn Cheats such as god mode, infinite ammo, and other exploits to help increase your opportunities to have fun with the game that you otherwise would have to pay for with DLC.

Xploder announced that the 100 new game saves include 100% save game progress, so you no longer have to trudge through the games to enjoy them. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for DLC cheat codes to unlock everything, which is a common thing that companies like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts make you pay for.

The company has been updating the save game database and cheats over the years, with the latest update adding 100 new games to the slate for PS4 gamers. This includes Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Rocket League, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The update for the game saves applies to the European region, U.S., games, and Japan. You can also have the system set up so that it automatically updates and downloads the newest saves for you to use, and it works with the latest firmware update for the PlayStation 4.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about editing or modifying the PS4 hardware, and you won’t get banned from the PlayStation Network for using the cheats and saved games.

I know a lot of people were disappointed with Horizon Zero Dawn due to its feminist take on the story and attempting to appeal to SJWs, but if you already bit the bullet and have a copy of the game on your PS4 and you want to cheat through it, it’s now possible to do so.

If you want to acquire the Xploder Cheat System you can do so right now for $39.99 from over on the official Xploder website.