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1545320cookie-checkYomawari: The Long Night Collection Arrives On Nintendo Switch October 26th

Yomawari: The Long Night Collection Arrives On Nintendo Switch October 26th

NIS America announced that Yomawari: The Long Night Collection, featuring the two Yomawari games, will be available this fall on the Nintendo Switch starting October 26th in Europe and October 30th in North America.

The collection includes Yomawari: The Night Alone as well as Yomawari: Midnight Shadows.

Both games feature isometric, horror-exploration gameplay, where young girls attempt to get home and avoid being overwhelmed by the ghastly monsters roaming around the streets at night.

You can check out the gameplay for both titles running on the Switch with the announcement trailer below.

The games see players in control of young girls. In the first game players will have to attempt to get home after night falls, where some ghosts begin to flood the streets. Players will have to use their flashlight to spot out the ghosts roaming around, and avoid them at all costs on the journey home.

Yomarai: Midnight Shadows sees players in control of two girls as they attempt to make their way back home after watching fireworks on the hillside overlooking the city.

However, after the two girls attempt to go back home they find out that there’s a darkness spread over the city and it brought with it the emergence of very vengeful yokai.

The games are a throwback to classic 16-bit style designs, but with high-quality hand-drawn assets, chibi characters, and uniquely designed yokai designed to scare and disturb.

The games aren’t about jump-scares, but more about setting up the frills of horror through exploring the town and encountering the unexpected.

The Yomawari titles came out previously for the PS4, PC and PS Vita, but you’ll soon be able to pick up a copy for the Nintendo Switch starting this fall. They were decently reviewed games, with OAG’s own Matt Smail finding Yomawari: Midnight Shadows a worthwhile horror game for fans of the genre.

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