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Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion Gameplay Walkthrough

Nintendo dropped the Octo-Expansion update for Splatoon 2 right smack dab during the middle of E3. It was one of those things where if you weren’t properly paying attention it was easy to miss out on. Luckily, some gamers who regularly cover Nintendo’s products managed to put together some walkthrough guides for the single-player story mission of the Octo-Expansion for Splatoon 2. Gamers in need of a walkthrough guide can find one available right here.

YouTuber ZackScottGames has the full Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC walkthrough up and available for viewing as part of his Splatoon 2 walkthrough guide playlist. You can check out the first part below.

The expansion starts with a conversation between Marina and Pearl talking about the new updates. Once you get into the game there’s a short note about something suspicious happening in the alleyway. Go into the alley and press ‘A’ to listen closely when you reach the gate. It will ask you if you want to start the Octo Expansion. Press ‘A’ to start the mission.

Another cinematic will play and you’ll be able to choose from a male or female character, your hair, and your eye color.

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion – Agent Octoling Creation

After Cap’n Cuttlefish talks to you following your Octoling creation, you’ll need to head up through the subway and head left through the subway up through the stairway.

It will take you into a new area where you’ll need to step on the platform at the edge of the room that will start a stream of paint. Turn into an octoling and ride through the paint stream to get to the next room.

You’ll acquire a paint rifle and then you’ll need to destroy the items until you find the key to reach the next area.

You’ll find the key to the vault on top of the giant crates at the back of the room.

Once you get the key step into the capsule and then head back into the first room with the vault door. Use the key to go into the next area.

The octarian and Cap’n Cuttlefish will exit the area and enter into another subway tunnel where a telephone will ring. Go to the telephone and answer it.


After the obnoxiously ghetto telephone gets done talking, another cinematic will play and the subway will pull up.

Agent 8 and Cap’n Cuttlefish will ride the subway on their way to the Promised Land. They’ll end up meeting the subway conductor, C.Q. Cumber.

You’ll need to collect four thangs in order to complete the expansion. Press ‘X’ to activate the CQ-80 where you’ll bee able to choose your level. You’ll start with the A-Line levels before being able to move to the C-Line levels or B-Line levels.

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion - CQ Cumber

A05: Fake Plastic Station

You’ll need to take the test and your first task is to get to the goal.

The level will require 100 credits to take the test. You’ll have 1,000 credits to start, so it gives you ample time and opportunities to complete the first test.

You’ll only have one weapon to choose from in the first test so select it and start the test. You’ll need to kill other octolings, break open the wooden crates and acquire some credits.

Proceed through each of the rooms until you kill all the octolings and exit through the capsule to complete the test and earn credits and mem cakes.

Once you complete the first test you’ll unlock two more test stages. Those stages will be highlighted as red dots on the map.

Another cinematic will play where Marina and Pearl will talk to Cap’n Cuttlefish and Agent 8.

Once the cinematic finishes, you can then access the other two stages on the A-Line. You’ll need to complete all the A-Line stages before you can access the other subway lines.

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion - Cap'n Cuttlefish

A04: Roll Out Station

The objective in this map is to get to the end of the stage in the ball before time runs out.

This map can be tricky. You’ll need to roll the ball across the platforms like Super Monkey Ball.

For the platforms, roll across them as fast as possible and then jump to the next moving platform.

There are also purple splats on some of the platforms, which you can use to turn into an octoling and squiggle across to the next platform


A06: Bounce With Me Station

This stage will require you to traverse through a platforming stage where you’ll need to acquire a key to access the vault.

Follow the pathways through the levels and you can shoot the sponges and turn into an octoling to traverse through them to get to the next area.

Also, don’t forget to acquire as many credits as possible. When you get to the turret, paint the block at the end of the segment and then shoot the fan to pull the floating platform closer to your location. When it gets close enough, jump down and ride the platform to the end of the area and then use the paint on the wall to ride up and reach the final exit point.


A07: Maverick Station

You’ll need to reach the end of the stage using the ink-jet.

The objective is to stay on solid ground. If you aren’t on solid ground then you’ll fall and die. And remember, you only have three lives so you’ll need to navigate through the level cautiously to avoid falling into the endless pit.

Use the floating gold-highlighted targets to activate, retract or protract the platforms. You can also use the grappling balloons to reach higher areas or areas that are positioned over gaps.

Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion - Iso Padre

B01/A03: Wassup 8-Ball Station

Your objective is to guide the 8-ball to the goal. Move the ball across the level and attempt to reach the end.

Move the ball through the maze-like areas and get the ball to the end of the level by shooting it. The more you shoot it the faster it moves.

Carefully guide the ball through the elevator and to the top of the platform. If you die or if the 8-ball falls off the platform, you’ll lose a life.

Once you get the ball across the see-saw bring it in front of the glass case and then leave the 8-ball there. Jump over the beam and take the elevator up to the next platform and go around to grab the key to unlock the launcher.

When you unlock the launcher time it so that when you fill up and you shoot the launcher it will push the 8-ball across the seesaw and into the goal.

When you complete the level you’ll fully unlock the B-Line map.


A02: Far-Out Station

You’ll have five minutes for carrying the rainmaker to the goal. You’ll have three different weapons to choose from. It’s basically an inverted version of capture the flag, where you’ll need to take the rainmaker and bring it to the enemy base.

You’ll be facing off against four enemy NPCs on the map.

You’ll need to splat a path toward the goal. The best course of action is to go straight down the middle and kill all the other octolings in your path.

When you gain a moment to catch your breath, be sure to make a beeline directly toward the goal. The stage will be completed once you get to the top of the goal post with the rainmaker.

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