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1476070cookie-checkCold Skin Trailer Shows Monster Abuse, Lighthouse Battles, And Inter-Species Relationships

Cold Skin Trailer Shows Monster Abuse, Lighthouse Battles, And Inter-Species Relationships

Samuel Goldwyn Films and Babieka Entertainment’s Cold Skin is not the kind of monster movie you might be expecting it to be. Some of the commenters are calling it Shape of Water II, but it’s a lot less… empathic as Guillermo Del Toro’s film.

It follows a sailor played by David Oakes who ends up on an island at a lighthouse in search of a weather official. Oakes encounters a crazy lighthouse keeper played by Ray Stevenson who is keeping an odd secret.

After spending a night at the lighthouse, Oakes realizes that it gets attacked frequently by a bunch of monsters, hence the barricades and traps that are erected around the island by Ray Stevenson. Things take another twist when Oakes attempts to kill one of the monsters, but Stevenson stops him, letting him know that she belongs to him. And that’s when things get a little… freaky.

You can check out the trailer below from Kinocheck International.

During the trailer we get a glimpse into how Stevenson’s character beats and controls the fish lady, and at the the 1:13 mark in the trailer above, it also looks as if Stevenson’s character uses the fish lady to get his groove on.

Cold Skin - Mermaid Romance

But if you thought that an old dude banging what looks like a transgender-Gumby version of a mermaid, later on in the trailer it appears as if the hero character also wants to get in on the action.

I’m not really sure what’s up with human dudes wanting to get with aquatic mutants, but I’m sure they could knock up a human feminist whose parts are just as cold and gamy as the fish lady… right?

Anyway, the third act of the film appears to showcase a big showdown where a bunch of the fish creatures come to attack the lighthouse. I get the impression that the mermaid fish lady is likely their queen and they’re coming to get her back. It’s a weird looking flick, but might be up the alley of those with inter-species monster girl fetishes.

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