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1508790cookie-checkNo Man’s Sky Next Gameplay Appears Ahead Of July 24th Launch

No Man’s Sky Next Gameplay Appears Ahead Of July 24th Launch

No Man’s Sky latest update is gearing up to release for the masses and bring some of the much-wanted featured that folks expected to see at launch. However, early footage of the Next update has leaked showing what will be possible on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Notice and Spoiler Warning: The following footage that you are about to see can be accessed through the centered text highlighted, which is not a representation of the final build come July 24th. The footage is said to be on Xbox One, hence A, B, X, Y controls.

For starters, all credit goes to “Architect” of the No Man’s Sky Discord channel and for uploading the below footage to YouTube. With that said, you can check out the first video here:

Next Gameplay, Flying, And Character Customization

The first video shows Next gameplay, flying, emotes, and character customization. The character customization menu contains the following: Race, Head, Torso, Armor, Gloves, Legs, Boots, and Backpack. Upon clicking Race, you will be able to choose from “Anomaly,” “Vy’keen,” “Traveller,” “Gek” and “Korvax.”

NMS Next 1

Next Gameplay, Photo Mode, Building

The second video that Architect posted reveals a brief segment of the Photo Mode and base building. You can check them out by clicking the above link or looking at a still of the Photo Mode below.

NMS Next 2

Next Gameplay, Flying, Swimming

More Next gameplay showing the usual stuff of flying is in the mix joined by swimming. The above link showing said actions can be seen in this single image right here:

NMS Next 3

Next Gameplay, Space to Ground, Animals, Exploration, Mining

The next video on Next gameplay reveals space to ground flight, animals, exploration, and mining.

NMS Next 4

Next Gameplay, Spaceship Exploration

If you’re curious to see spaceship exploration and how it functions in No Man’s Sky Next, the video footage can be accessed above. A single still showing the video clip lies below.

NMS Next 5

Next Gameplay, Exploration on Land and Water

The last video clip explores more land and water traveling for your viewing pleasure.

NMS Next 6

No Man’s Sky Next is set to release on July 24th for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

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