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Phil Fish Has FEZ Removed From

Phil Fish from Polytron Corporation contacted and requested for them to remove his game FEZ from the digital store.

The news was made available over on the forums, where one of the staff explained…

“Hello everybody,


“Per request from the Polytron Corporation, FEZ will be unavailable for sale on GOG.COM starting on July 25, 4 PM UTC. If you own FEZ on GOG.COM by that date, you’ll retain access to it in your library.”

While a few people thought that this was just Fish being random, and a few more assumed that it had to do with music licensing, most people who are well aware of the recent drama surrounding have already jumped to the probable reasoning for the game being removed from, even though no actual reason was given.

Following the Postal 2 incident where tweeted out a gif from the game showing the Postal Dude taking a piss on the tombstone of games journalism in reference to #GamerGate, SJWs put the company in their cross hairs and forced them to apologize under the threat of blacklisting. conceded to their demands.

Almost everyone who was privy to this event has instantly made the connection that Fish likely had the game removed as a form of protest against posting the tweet.

For those of you who don’t remember, Zoe Quinn is a perpetual antagonist toward #GamerGate. In fact, she was one of the individuals who jumped into the Twitter thread to condemn for making the tweet.


Phil Fish is friends with Zoe Quinn.


Phil Fish was also vehemently against the people supporting #GamerGate


…even though Phil Fish was actually one of the targets of #GamerGate for an exposé on the IGF corruption.

The logical conclusion was that since Fish is friends with Quinn, many assumed that’s tweet that referenced #GamerGate triggered Phil Fish’s frail heart and caused him to retaliate against by having his game removed.

Now whether or not Fish actually had remove the game from their store as a petty form of revenge for them posting the Postal 2 gif, or Fish had a schizophrenic epiphany and just randomly wanted FEZ off of (while completely leaving the Steam version alone), is up for the audience to decide.

I attempted to reach out and get clarification on the matter from Phil Fish, but he has me blocked on Twitter.


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