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1509550cookie-checkSlain: Back From Hell Boxed Edition Heads To Nintendo Switch On August 7th For $29.99

Slain: Back From Hell Boxed Edition Heads To Nintendo Switch On August 7th For $29.99

Digerati Distribution announced that Slain: Back From Hell will receive a boxed signature edition for the Nintendo Switch for $29.99 starting August 7th in North America. The physical boxed copy is currently available right now in Europe for €29.99.

The physical release contains a region free Nintendo Switch copy of Slain: Back From Hell on cartridge. Additionally, there’s a signature edition as well, which comes with the game, the original soundtrack for the game featuring original music by Curt Victor Bryant, a Slain: Back From Hell art book, and a specially designed outer box with a signature from the developers for $45.

That’s actually not a bad price at all for a boxed edition of a game that actually comes with stuff you might like. It reminds me of the olden days when games used to launch complete and came with colored booklets, and instruction manuals that actually helped you learn how to play the game effectively.

I suppose it makes sense for a game like Slain given that it has all the edgy trappings of a 1990s hack-and-slash Gothic-horror adventure that somehow found its way into today’s realm of sissified political correctness.

Slain always came across to me as a 16-bit rendition of The Witcher fueled by power metal and skill-based platforming.

The initial release of the game was not received quite so well due to a number of issues with the controls, and gameplay glitches. But after fixing it up right proper and releasing a solid-playing version of the game, Slain: Back From Hell ended up becoming one of those sleeper hits that most gamers consider to be a must-buy title.

I imagine for those of you who enjoyed the soundtrack and want a physical cartridge of the game that you can play at home or on the go via your Nintendo Switch will see the new physical release as a worthwhile investment.

The full game features elemental melee combat, six hours worth of gameplay, three different super-powered weapons, boss fights, and challenge-based platforming.

You can look to pick up the boxed copy for the Nintendo Switch for $29.99 starting August 7th. Alternatively, you can pre-order the signature edition of Slain for the Nintendo Switch for $45 from the Signature Edition website.

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