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Vampyr Adding Hard Mode, Story Mode This Summer

Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive announced that two new game modes will be added to Vampyr this summer on PC, PS4 and Xbox One: a Hard Mode and a Story Mode.

The Story Mode de-emphasizes combat and puts the focus on the narrative. Instead of going around building up levels, applying skills, and worrying about micromanaging Dr. Reid’s combat prowess, instead you’ll focus on interacting with the characters, unfolding the narrative, and focusing solely on the story at hand.

Hard Mode moves things to total opposite end of the spectrum. This mode is entirely focused on emphasizing the combat and and putting the focus on receiving less experience from enemies, thus you must rely on killing more enemies and killing more of the citizens in order to get stronger.

This dichotomy between the play-styles is designed for the varying types of gamers who hopped into Vampyr this past summer. For the gamers who weren’t very good at the combat, the new Story Mode will give you more of a narrative focus to center your attention on, while those of you who wanted more of a challenge from the combat will be able to do so by playing through the game on Hard Mode.

Both modes will be available as part of the summer update for home consoles and PC. Interestingly enough they don’t say if the update will be free or part of a paid DLC pack. The update will be accompanied by tweaks and optimization patches as well, improving overall performance and playability.

The game is set during 1917 in London, England. Players assume the role of a war veteran who returns home only to find himself as the victim of a vampire attack. Dr. Reid proceeds to find some way to cure himself of the vampirism or embrace it.

The game is themed around the hard choices of living in the slums of England, as he’ll have to kill some civilians in order to get stronger.

The game has multiple endings based on the choices you make throughout the game, and you can learn more about it by visiting the official website.

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