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1516830cookie-checkSekiro: Shadows Die Twice Set To Launch On March 22nd, 2019

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Set To Launch On March 22nd, 2019

Publisher Activision and developer FromSoftware will release Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice worldwide across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The launch date is currently set for March 22nd, 2019, making it a Q1 release game next year.

There will be a lot of games releasing in Q1 2019, and I wouldn’t be shocked if some of those games face a delay. However, publisher Activision is headstrong that a worldwide release of Sekiro for said quarter is reasonable, as well as the Japanese and Asian publishing branch of FromSoftware and Cube Game.

Before showing off new screenshots and detailing the game, you can check out Sekiro’s E3 2018 reveal trailer below:

Now that you’re caught up, the devs released new screenshots of the game that you can look over right here:

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To sum up Sekiro’s mechanics, gamers who take their time and learn each enemy and thoroughly explore the game’s world will be rewarded with quick kills and speedy encounters when waltzing with any adversary. Contrary to that, though, rushers will find that Sekiro will be equally or just as challenging as other FromSoftware games. In other words, the more you know, the more is at your disposal.

In addition to mechanics, the core combat is “measured” by skill. Special sword arts will be in the game supplementing regular attacks. In addition, you can shift battles in your favor by switching between a variety of unique “Prosthetic Tools” to quickly dispatch formidable opponents.

Looking over to other versions of the game, the standard edition and the Collector’s Edition are both available to pre-order. If you’re not into pre-ordering games, a demo of Sekiro will be playable at Gamescom 2018.

It will be interesting to see what Sekiro has to offer gamers in the coming days, but until then Activision (worldwide publisher), FromSoftware (Japanese publishing), and Cube Game (Asian publishing) plan to ship the game on PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One on March 22nd, 2019.

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