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The Temples, Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Metal Remix Now Available

Ro Panuganti’s heavy metal remix of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s timeless soundtrack is currently available right now from Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. The album is called The Temples, and it features eight select songs from the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, completely transposed and remixed with a heavy metal sound.

Fans of the iconic N64 title can grab a copy of the album from participating digital distributors. The album is available over on Bandcamp for only $7.00.

The full track list contains the following songs:

01. In Time
02. In Forest
03. In Fire
04. Ice Interlude
05. In Shadow
06. In Spirit
07. In Evil
8. In Courage

Each one is a complete overhaul from the original, sounding very different from what you may be expecting. According to arranger and musician, Ro Panuganti, he mentioned in the press release…

“The Temples is a culmination of learning new production skills, exploring wholly new areas of guitar playing, and above all, story-telling. Just like its inspired work, The Temples sets out to be a story of bravery over adversity, inviting new worlds and influences to the core music, and hopefully inspires any listener to pick up their instrument.”

Some of the songs really stand out, such as “In Spirit”, which really hammers home the hard-hitting, percussion-reliant element to bring the song to life while infusing industrial ambiance and some Eastern flair into the composition. You end up with a song that sounds like a battle theme that might be testosterone-laden enough to fit in with Mick Gordon’s DOOM score.

Some of the songs transition into more exotic melodies based around The Legend of Zelda, but they never really lose the core nucleus that is heavy metal. The guitar is the heart and soul of the album, as Panuganti really puts the electric rock instrument front and center, with a lot of complex layers and riffs to to bring the music to life.

Some songs definitely stand out more than others, but the album is worth it if you’re into heavy metal music and The Legend of Zelda.

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