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1520260cookie-checkParty Hard 2 Set To Release For PC During Q4 2018

Party Hard 2 Set To Release For PC During Q4 2018

Publisher tinyBuild and developers Pinokl Games and Kverta aim to release Party Hard 2 during Q4 2018. The crazy party simulator will hit PC via Steam during late this year, contrary to the first game where it released across PC, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android devices.

Do you want to experience a crazy party or have a questionable time? Party Hard 2 attempts to dunk you head first into wacky times as you take out multiple targets with powerful “Multi-Kill” abilities, and scan rooms for useful objects and targets with “Party Vision.”

Ultimately, part deux looks like a game that will try to top the crazy content found in the first title. However, you can be the judge of that by watching the newly released trailer right here:

“It’s the Holiday Season, and you don’t get your Christmas Bonus. The only logical solution is to start a killing spree at a corporate party. Welcome to Party Hard 2, the sequel to 2015’s stealth strategy hit. Coming 2018! “

Looks good, looks horrible? Well, right now the devs, aside from creating tons of content, are working hard on optimizing the game for it to run nice and smooth for all types of PC builds. Yes, this includes low-end PCs and potatoes laptops and powerful machines.

In addition to the devs current work, they have finished composing and writing the story, and dialogue is now being voiced-over by professional actors, too. In Party Hard 2‘s story, the masked knife-wielding protagonist once worked for a company and now seeks revenge. In the process, a “shocking truth is revealed.” In other words, interested folks will need to wait and see what this “truth” really is at launch.

For more information pertaining to Party Hard 2, you can head on over to The official release date is slated for Q4 2018 and will hit PC via Steam.

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