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1526550cookie-checkShakedown: Hawaii Gameplay Trailer Overviews Characters, Customization

Shakedown: Hawaii Gameplay Trailer Overviews Characters, Customization

Vblank Entertainment released a new trailer for Shakedown: Hawaii, revealing the three playable protagonists, as well as the different gameplay mechanics, the general plot point, and the various customization abilities that come along with it.

The trailer is narrated as if it were produced by Rockstar Games, with the voiceover covering the basic gameplay mechanics and the overall story elements. You can check out the two and a half minute trailer below.

The upcoming game finally managed to hit a release window of the first quarter of 2019, where the game will release for the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo Switch, the PS4, the PS Vita, and on the Steam store for PC.

The game will allow you to take on the roles of three playable characters, a tycoon whose businesses have gone kaput and who is attempting to rekindle his business, the tycoon’s son who wants to become a crime lord, and the bodyguard who wants to kill, shoot, and blast his way into becoming top of the crop.

The gameplay consists of top-down, isometric gameplay themed around 16-bit aesthetics with a digital playground where you can run, shoot, kill, steal cars, rob stores, take over establishments and cause chaos across the tropical island.

What’s surprising is that you’ll also be able to customize each of the three characters, outfitting them with different hair styles and being able to acquire and change the palette of various vehicles.

There’s also a surprising amount of depth in the meta game when it comes to acquiring businesses, making money from the businesses, and attempting to buy up property across the island. It’s very similar to the GTA V online component where the more money you make there’s a possibility to buy up land and increase your investments.

If you enjoyed the original Retro City Rampage then Vblank’s Shakedown: Hawaii will probably be right up your alley.

You can wishlist the game right now for PC by visiting the Steam store, or keep an eye out on the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store for a release on the home consoles.

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