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Lawbreakers Creator, Cliffy B, Threatens To Never Make Another Game

Cliff Bleszinski shot to fame at Epic Games with Gears of War for the Xbox home consoles after spending some time in the indie sector with titles like Jazz Jackrabbit. He later decided to branch out from Epic and form his own studio known as Boss Key Productions and make a first-person, anti-gravity shooter called Lawbreakers. The game was themed around courting Social Justice Warriors and NPCs on the Left of the political spectrum, but since those people don’t buy or play games, Lawbreakers ended up failing and taking Boss Key Productions with it. Now Cliffy B., is threatening to never make another game.

Game Revolution picked up the news from Bleszinski, who made the statements on Twitter on November 15th, 2018, where he proclaimed that he hadn’t taken a salary while running Boss Key Productions for the last two years.

People began to rail on Cliffy B., for making Lawbreakers themed around content that wasn’t fun, as well as the fact that it was a wasted opportunity to make a legendary game for actual gamers.

Cliffy responded with a meme.

The typical anti-gamer screeds began to rear their heads from blue-checkmarks and people who have entered into an industry whose audience they actively hate, almost like dictators who run for office in a country filled with people they despise.

As pointed out by Game Revolution, corrupt game journalists gave Lawbreakers good review scores, but actual gamers hated it.

Thus, after the game got woke, it went broke, joining the master list of other products that got woke and went broke.

Cliffy B., attempted one last dive at success with the Battle Royale game Radical Heights, but it was all for naught. The company folded up and Lawbreakers and Radical Heights were both shelved.

If Cliffy B’s tweets are to be believed, he won’t be making anymore games. Keep in mind, though, that he also stated after finishing up the Gears of War trilogy that he was retiring, only to come back a few years later to announce Lawbreakers, as reported by Destructoid.

(Thanks for the news tip Hawk Hopper)

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