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Escape From Tarkov Devs Abuse DMCA Takedowns Against Eroktic’s YouTube Content

YouTuber Eroktic has been hit with multiple DMCA takedown requests against 47 videos from developer Battle State Games over criticisms he expressed in his videos of Escape From Tarkov. The issue blew up first within the YouTube community after Battlestate Games issued a response defending their actions.

But things began to pick up steam when the takedown requests kept coming and Eroktic was not going away silently. YouTuber SidAlpha covers the initial drama, the legal ramifications, and Battle State Games’ responses in a 10 minute video you can check out below.

Battlestate issued their response to the takedowns over on their Facebook page on December 16th, 2018. They stated…

“[…] Lately Eroktic decided to settle on the concept of negative hype and started ardently supporting people who obviously designate their position as hostile to us. Eroctic released a video in which he, in a tendentious manner, accused us of incompetence that allegedly led to a leak of two million profile credentials. The video was based on someone else’s document which described the process of obtaining basic information about profile through rating tables (a nickname, ID, statistics from the rating). Nevertheless, after our check we were convinced that no leaks have ever happened. Eroktic began to spread rumor that cheaters can steal your account and get you banned for cheating. All of this was and remains false.


“Eroktic released the next video, without regard to our further actions, and tried to make a show of this situation. He broadcasted video from YouTube which was allegedly proving that leak existed and that 90% of all game profiles have already been banned. Again, he made this video in the most disrespectful and cynical manner. We conducted our investigation and were convinced that this video is also a complete lie. According to the bits of information in the video, we found out which profiles were compromised. Quick search revealed that all data of all the three accounts shown in the video were in free access on the Internet, particularly in the database of one well-known game that has been leaked a year ago. Why did the passwords work? Because quite often, users use identical emails and passwords for multiple profiles. We took measures immediately, forcibly resetting passwords of the accounts which we found in the leaked databases of other games on the Internet. In addition, we began process of enhancing the safety of profiles in case of REAL threats.


“By this time, the negative media background that emerged through actions of Eroktic, resulted in rather large number of messages of concerned users and also to other provocative and speculative posts of the ill-wishers willing to self-actualize on this. The decision to address YouTube concerning video on the Eroktic’s channel had to be made in order to stop misinformation and hatred. Moreover – we did not want and we do not want this person to be associated with our game in the first place. His purposefully destructive actions cannot be considered “criticism” no matter how you look at it. Eroktic has a long history of negative attitude towards our project, the company and players, and with the recent actions he crossed the line.”

Users continued to pepper Battle State Games about their abuse of the DMCA procedure to block 47 of Eroktic’s videos from YouTube, asking the company how they can justify using the DMCA when the company used it on the grounds for content they deemed “negative”. The company did not respond.

Others questioned why Battle State Games didn’t just contact Eroktic and discuss the potential compromise, patch the issue, and issue a statement resolving the situation? Technically, that would have been the most decorous solution to the problem. However, that’s not how Battle State opted to resolve the situation.

Eroktic also chimed in on the Twitter thread, informing the public that Battle State apparently never reached out to him or contacted him about resolving the situation.

According to SidAlpha, Eroktic has filed counter-claims to challenge the DMCA takedowns issued by Battle State Games. Obviously it will take some time for the legal wheels to get turning and eventually resolve one way or another.

Some gamers have been requesting refunds for their pre-orders of Escape From Tarkov in response to the revelation of the developers abusing the DMCA system to spite Eroktic, especially given that they admit that Eroktic didn’t actually violate or infringe on copyright, but they simply don’t like his content given that they state it’s filled with “hatred” and “misinformation”. This obviously won’t hold up in court, assuming Eroktic is willing to take the rebuttal that far.

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