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1535910cookie-checkSpider-Man Far From Home Trailer Portrays Mysterio As A Hero

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer Portrays Mysterio As A Hero

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures released a new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which is not quite the movie I expected it to be. The story is about Peter going on vacation in Europe, far from home.

The movie still suffers from Peter having a diverse cast of friends, just like in the first film, but the focus is now on him attempting to get away from being a super hero for a bit. Peter decides to leave his costume at home but he’s conscripted into the super hero biz once more by Nick Fury, who shows up while Peter is on vacation.

We don’t know exactly what Nick Fury wants him for, but we do know that there are some large, destructive forces at work in Spider-Man Far From Home.

You can check out the trailer below.

We don’t really see what’s creating the destructive forces, but the most surprising thing about the trailer is the brief appearance of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio.

Now we briefly see Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio taking down some of the monsters and flying around being what appears to be a hero, but this could all be a ruse.

In all likelihood Mysterio is likely going to end up being the villain after it’s discovered that he created the naturally destructive creatures and set them upon Europe in order to portray himself as the hero.

Spider-Man Far From Home - Mysterio

It’s hard to tell exactly if that’s what’s going on but it would likely end up being the case given that there’s no way Marvel has the talent to write a villain seeking redemption as a hero. That’s too complex for the likes of the MCU.

Most people in the comment section predict that Hydroman and Sandman will also be in the film, and Spider-Man will have to team up with Mysterio to defeat them, but it’s unlikely that they will repeat the same err that tanked Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Anyway, Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to hit theaters on July 5th.

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