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1465660cookie-checkValley, Eco-Conscious Exploration Platformer Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Valley, Eco-Conscious Exploration Platformer Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Blue Isle Studios’ Valley seems like a walking simulator, looks like a walking simulator, and feels like a walking simulator, but it manages to separate itself from the bunch by giving gamers access to the L.E.A.F., suit, which stands for the Leap Effortlessly through Air Functionality. The suit will be your guiding (and saving) grace throughout a beautiful, atmospheric world being torn apart by supernatural entities.

The game takes place within a secret facility within the Rocky Mountains, as players will have to make use of the L.E.A.R., suit in order to explore the secret facility and understand how the suit can utilize a special ability to restore life and take life away within the valley.

You’ll encounter various platforming challenges and puzzles to complete, all while exploring the valley, trekking through the facility and understanding how to manipulate the suit’s power to bring balance back to the valley. You can check out the launch trailer below to see how the Unreal Engine exploration-platformer runs on the Nintendo Switch.

The game doesn’t necessarily have combat, but there are encounters where you will have to overcome spectral anomalies as you dive deeper into the facility. There’s even a really cool rail segment that you have to go through in order to reach a reactor, which was pretty inventive.

According to the developer they’ve been working on the game to get it running right proper on the Switch, optimizing and tweaking the movement and performance. Valley originally came out back in 2016 for PC and home consoles, but the Switch wasn’t out at the time. But now that it is the Blue Isle crew wanted to give Switch owners an opportunity to rediscover this little hidden indie gem.

If you like 3D exploration, platforming, and a tinge of historical fiction all wrapped up into one experience, you can pick up a digital copy of Valley for the Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop for $19.99. However, during the launch week you can get the game for 30% off for only $13.99.

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