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4 April 2019

Voidol Lets You Livestream Using Cute Anime Voices And It’s Available On iTunes

If you use any number of 3D livecasting software services so that you can visually embody the visage of a cute anime girl, such as Live3D, then you might be pleased to know that Crimson Technology’s Voidol allows you to synthesize your voice so you can sound like the cute waifu you’ve always wanted to portray.

According to DTM Station, the software enables you to customize the digital performer so that you can utilize the software tools to alter the modulation, frequency, intonation, and inflection of the anime voice.

Basically, it works like this: you speak into the microphone, and the software does all the heavy lifting so that the output of the voice sounds like an anime character.

It works both for males and females, allowing either gender to sound like the other. There’s even a demonstration of how it works, which you can check out below.

As depicted in the screenshots on DTM Station, you’ll note that you can change the microphone input, the input volume levels, the ducking, mixing levels, reverb, spacing, noise gate, and conversion model.

All of these tweaks allow you to mix and match the settings to create the kind of anime voice that matches up with your livecasting 3D model. This would ultimately allow you to livestream games using a fully rendered 3D character and alter the voice through the Voidol software, so not only will you appear to subscribers and fans as a 3D anime character, but you’ll sound like one, too.

DTM Station did note that there was a bit of latency, so much so that they were facing up to 50ms in conversion delays. I don’t think that would be terribly troublesome for most livestreamers, but it would create a bit of a discrepancy when having conversions with another livestreamer during a simulcast.

You can see an example of how it might work if you combined a Vtube animated character with the Voidol software.

There was also a pretty cool demonstration of the software mimicking Freddy Mercury’s voice as they showcased what it would be like attempting to change your voice to match a specific celebrity. The demonstration featured “Bohemian Rhapsody”, with a quick on-and-off comparison of how you can make anyone sound like Mr. Mercury.

The minute long demonstration was actually quite impressive, which you can check out below.

As noted in the article, this could also very well open up some serious legal ramifications depending on how the software is used.

The developers are currently working on a Windows version, which is due out later this year. For now you can pick up a copy of the software from the iTunes App Store for the Mac for $7.99. The price of the app will be discounted all the way up until July.

(Thanks for the news tip Rala Cloft)

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