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837840cookie-checkMatt Loter Forced To Publicly Apologize For Assaulting TheQuartering’s Jeremy Hambly At GenCon
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9 May 2019

Matt Loter Forced To Publicly Apologize For Assaulting TheQuartering’s Jeremy Hambly At GenCon

There’s been some measure of justice exacted against someone who physically assaulted their ideological opponent for having views that didn’t match up with their own. Matt Loter from Elm Street Games was forced by the court to apologize to Jeremy Hambly from TheQuartering for assaulting him at GenCon 2018, which resulted in both of them being banned from the convention.

The news comes courtesy of a video that was uploaded on TheQuartering, featuring a clip that Matt “Fantastic” Loter was forced to make where he publicly apologized to Hambly in the four minute video. You can check out the four minute clip below titled “It’s Over”.

In the video Loter is seen with a script where he had to read off the apology, stating…

“Hi, this is Matt Loter. Some of you know me as Matt Fantastic. Just prior to GenCon 2018 I let my anger get the best of me and physically confronted Jeremy Hambly outside a bar in Indianapolis, over statements he made about me previously.

“I unequivocally take responsibility for my actions that evening, which were wrong, and apologized to Jeremy for my thoughtless conduct. I do not now nor did I ever believe Jeremy to bi, nor do I believe violence to be the answer to settling personal issues. Jeremy and I have resolved our legal disputes, and I’ve written GenCon asking that he be unbanned. I will have no further comment.”

Jeremy also issued a statement in response, stating that he accepted Loter’s apology and that they ended their legal dispute and states that he wrote GenCon asking that Loter be unbanned. With an almost smug grin of victory spread across his face, Jeremy also states… “In my view, justice has been served.”

You can definitely tell from the video that he certainly seems satisfied with the outcome, as it’s one of the rare cases where those on the Left conducting violence against those that disagree with them has finally caught up with them and proved that justice can be served to those who feel as if they can operate outside of the law. It’s also a very clear indication that the media’s insistence of trying to start a civil war by inciting Social Justice Warriors in real life will either result in escalated violence in real life, or a court order forcing someone to publicly apologize for assaulting an innocent person all because they disagreed with their views.

In any case, the situation is finally resolved after nearly a year of legwork. It involved Jeremy having to go to the police and then head to the courts and then finally force an apology out of Loter like a dentist pulling a rotten tooth out of a cavity-filled mouth.

Ultimately it all worked out, though, and it’s one of the few cases where trying to act like a Social Justice Warrior just because you don’t like what someone said online had noticeable repercussions.

The only question now is if GenCon will unban both Jeremy Hambly and Matt Loter, or if they will uphold the ban? They showed a lot of bias last year during the incident, continuing to promote Loter’s products after news had spread about the assault, so we’ll see how that turns out.

(Thanks for the news tip MaverickHL)

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