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The Sinking City Cheats Unlock God Mode, Unlimited Ammo

Frogwares and Bigben Interactive’s The Sinking City is now out and available for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The game isn’t anywhere as hand-holdy and automated as many other AAA games that have come out in recent times. This means you have to rely on your wits, skills, and keen perception to complete the quests in the game. However, if you’ve been having trouble with other elements, such as the monsters, the underwater segments, or the sanity, there are some cheats for that.

The first cheat trainer is available for download over on

You can check out The Sinking City cheats below:

+10 XP

Reset Knowledge points to 0

-100 XP

Unlimited Energy

+100 XP

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Now there is a bit of a caveat to the MegaDev cheat trainer for The Sinking City. You will have to register to gain access to the silver tier and gold tier The Sinking City cheats. This means you must become a member in order to unlock the ability to make use of the god mode cheat.

However, there is also a second cheat trainer available for download from over on Cheat Happens.

The Sinking City cheats from this trainer are listed below:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Sanity

Unlimited Ammo/Items/Easy Crafting

No Reload

Edit Current Level

The Sinking City cheats don’t offer much of anything new compared to what you would get in the MegaDev trainer, but they’re there nonetheless.

As for The Sinking City… the game has managed to get off the starting line with a lot of praise from YouTubers. It mixes the detective work from Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes games with the third-person horror-shooter mechanics from Silent Hill and tosses it into a Lovecraftian universe themed around the Cthulhu mythos.

Visually the game has its own unique flavor and the city of Oakmont feels like it’s brought to life in a creepy way. Unfortunately, there are definitely signs of Frogwares trying to “diversify” the NPCs and whatnot, but there doesn’t appear to be any outright propaganda peddled by the developers for the third-person hybrid mystery game.

You can pick up a digital or physical copy right now on Xbox One or PS4, or wait for the game to launch on Steam starting next year.

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