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18 June 2019

Your Turn To Die English Version Available To Download For Free

Japanese artist and indie developer Nankidai is on an explosive rise in the niche mystery-horror community with his proxy of Spike Chunsoft’s Danganronpa series called Kimi ga Shine: Tasuuketsu Death Game. The little Japanese title has managed to gain its own spark of prominence within the English speaking community thanks to a fan-translation that has made the current version of the game available to play in the West called Your Turn To Die: Death Game By Majority.

You can either play the game right now in a browser or download the client and play it from the comfort of your PC by heading to the VG Person website.

As noted on the page, Your Turn To Die: Death Game By Majority is freeware, so there’s no worries about having to put down coin for the title or pay into the coffers of some crummy crypto cash pot in place of a PayPal account because the payment processors have been pilfering the pockets of plebeians all due to the FDIC. But I digress.

The game itself is a multiple-choice, narrative-driven, adventure-horror game. It’s very much like the Danganronpa series where various characters are put into perilous predicaments that prescribe pusillanimity, forcing players to make some hard decisions in order to keep the carefree cast of characters alive.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay is like with the 26 minute playthrough offered by YouTuber BarnH0use.

The game itself is about a girl who comes home to find herself and 10 other people trapped in a mysterious place where they must decide who lives and who dies in order to survive. It’s very much like Zero Escape or other games in the sort of game of death sub-genre.

What’s crazy, though, is that this little freeware game has managed to capture the attention and audience of international fans alike. There’s currently a manga being made based on Nankidai’s project that you can grab from over on Comic-Walker website.

You can also download the original Japanese version of the game from over on the website.

Alternatively, if you’re inclined to watch the original playthrough of the Japanese version, there’s an entire playlist available with English subtitles over on rk’s YouTube channel.

As mentioned on the fan-translation site, the game still isn’t entirely complete but it’s being patched as new chapters are being released. So if you’re one of those people who like being hip and enjoying art before the masses get their grubby hands on it, feel free to grab a digital copy of Your Turn To Die: Death Game By Majority before it becomes mainstream and gets molested by the inarticulate hands of the current-day publishing model.

(Thanks for the news tip Wondy Bergers)

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