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1485650cookie-checkYouTube Censors Video About Google Election Meddling; Reddit Suspends Project Veritas
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YouTube Censors Video About Google Election Meddling; Reddit Suspends Project Veritas

Alphabet, the parent company over Google and YouTube, is now censoring videos related to Project Veritas’ latest investigation into Google manipulating search results with the aim of tampering with the upcoming 2020 elections. In the video key staff at Google admitted that the company’s “ML Fairness” application to search engine algorithmic results are themed around suppressing content they don’t want people to see and removing results they deem problematic.

You can see a re-upload of the video over on right now.

As a way to keep people from seeing Project Veritas’ video, YouTube claimed that it violated their privacy policy.

This took place during the afternoon of June 24th, 2019 shortly after the video went up. YouTube sent James O’Keefe, the head of Project Veritas, two notices indicating that the video had violated their privacy terms.

After receiving the notices, the video was then taken down from YouTube.

If you attempt to watch the video you’re met with a notice stating that it violates their privacy terms.

The video revealed that Google’s staff are intent on manipulating the upcoming 2020 elections so that Trump can’t be re-elected. They’re training their algorithm to remove or suppress certain kinds of information from getting out in order to socially engineer people to think a certain way and vote the way Google wants them to.

Big tech like Reddit seem to be on board with this idea, because as James O’Keefe was attempting to promote the video on the social media network, he found out that the Project Veritas Reddit account had been suspended.

This is true.

If you attempt to visit the Project Veritas user page over on Reddit, it returns an error message saying “you don’t have permission to view this page”.


So not only has Google been exposed for manipulating search results, being on record as intending to manipulate the elections, and censoring news in order to maintain a specific narrative, tech companies are also censoring the people attempting to deliver the message.

So far Project Veritas have re-uploaded the video to Bitchute and Vimeo, but it’s rather obvious that they’ve managed to rattle Silicon Valley’s cage by exposing the truth to the public, and now big tech are trying to squelch the news as much as possible.

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