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Anno 2205 Cheats Updated To Accommodate Latest Fixes

Blue Byte Software and Ubisoft’s Anno 2205 is an oldie at this point. The 2015 outing for the strategy game got off to one of the rockiest starts for the franchise, but over the years Blue Byte patched up the real-time civilization builder and managed to get it working as it was intended to. Along the way, some cheat trainers have also been updating their wares and giving gamers more finely tuned offerings when it comes to gaming Anno 2205 cheats systems.

The city building simulator has an updated cheat trainer that’s free to download over on

The trainer contains the following Anno 2205 cheats:

Infinite Resources

Infinite Fuel

Infinite Support Calls

Selected Ship Super Health

Selected Ship Weak Health

There is a pretty huge caveat for using this cheat trainer. And no it’s not like going on a date with a chick and finding out she has gonorrhea, but that’s still pretty freaking bad. However, you will need to keep all of the accompanying DLL files included in the trainer with the trainer in the directory when you unzip the contents.

If, however, the trainer does not work after you download it and it asks for a specific DLL you will need to download the c++ redistributable 2015 64X and install it before using the trainer.

There’s a second cheat trainer you can download from over on

This trainer comes both in free and premium formats for Anno 2205.

It contains the following Anno 2205 cheats for the game:

+100,000 Credits

Infinite iridium, graphene, petrochemicals and magnetite

Infinite fuel for ships

Maximum resources

Godmode ships

So basically this makes it so that all of your player-side units can become invincible, and you can take advantage of the infinite credits so you never run out of money, and you can make use of the maximum resources so you can build whatever it is your heart desires, just like how Jeffrey Epstein expressed his love to whoever he wanted no matter how young they were while he was tucked away on his Bill Clinton-approved Lolita Island.

You’ll find a third trainer for Anno 2205 over on

The Anno 2205 trainer features a few noteworthy Anno 2205 cheats, as listed below:

Unlimited Gold

Unlimited Resources

Unlimited Fuel

Unlimited Workers

Unlimited Support Calls

Now a minor caveat for this trainer. Following the latest updates for Anno 2205, it appears that some of the options don’t work quite as intended, specifically the unlimited support calls, which some have reported as being defective.

Another issue is that some people reported that the game is suffering from freezing issues when using certain cheats. However, they found a workaround by Alt-Tabbing out of the game and then activating or deactivating the cheat of your choice, and then Alt-Tab back into the game to get it working properly.

Last but not least there’s a cheat trainer from Cheat Happens.

As usual, it’s a premium trainer that contains the following Anno 2205 cheats:

Mega Credits

Free Energy/Workforce (FIXED)

Fill Resources

Unlimited Fuel Attacks

Unlimited Ship Attacks

It’s not much but it’s enough to get the job done. Also, as noted in the list above, the latest trainer for Anno 2205 from Cheat Happens addresses the workforce glitch that was affecting the cheat in previous outings. So the update ensures that that won’t be a problem if you decide to go with that specific trainer.

Anno 2205 - Savannah Canal

As for Anno 2205, the game is actually quite old according to gaming standards. It was originally released almost half a decade ago to less than stellar user reviews due to a number of issues that plagued the city-builder at release.

As is typical with almost every AAA game released in the last decade, the developers worked over the details, fished out the problems, and finally made the game run the way it was supposed to at launch.

Anyway, the game is currently available over on the Steam store for $39.99. Alternatively, you can get a copy of the game from the Uplay store, but no one in their right mind buys from Uplay.

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