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Control Cheats Give You Access To God Mode, Easy Kills, No Reload

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games’ Control rolled out for Xbox One, PS4, and on the Epic Games Store for PC, ensuring that it was going to launch with a healthy amount of controversy on the PC side of the equation. To make matters worse, 505 Games decided to exclude male streamers during the first day of streaming, which only turned more people off from even considering the game. Well, for the poor saps who did decide to dive headfirst into Remedy’s latest title, there are some cheats available for you thanks to trainers and tables.

The first trainer is available for free from over on the Mr. Antifun forum.

The trainer contains the following Control cheats:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Materials

Unlimited Element

Unlimited Ability Points

To access the DX12 trainer simply click the little arrow button on the purple tool tab while you’re on the WeMod page. You can then download the DirectX 12 version of the trainer to use with Control. It contains the same features as the Mr. Antifun trainer.

The next trainer offers both free and premium options. You can download it from over on

The Control trainer gives you access to the following options:

100 Money

+100 XP

Reset Money to 0

Resets your money to zero

+1,000 Money

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The free options include the ability to increase your XP by 100 at a time, ad infinitum. You also gain access to the free money cheat, but I’m not entirely sure what they mean by money. I’m assuming it’s referring to the currency used to upgrade Jesse’s abilities? For those of you who played the game, Control takes place in an environment where you don’t have to scrounge around for standard coins or currency since it all takes place within a secret government building.

The other cheats in the trainer, however, do require a premium membership, so that’s something you need to keep in mind.

Speaking of premium trainers, there’s one available from over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer features both DX11 and DX12 options, as listed below:

Unlimited Health

No Reload

Unlimited Telekinesis Power

Easy Astral Constructs / Level Upgrades

Unlimited Mission Timer

This trainer covers all the basics that you need to upgrade the service weapon, make use of Jesse’s kinetic abilities, and even modify the game’s speed so it plays faster or slower according to your own tastes.

If you would prefer something with a little more control put into the hands of the player, you can get your hands on a cheat table available from over on PC Cheattables.

The cheat table for the Hoodlum Engine are listed below:


God Mode

No Reload

Infinite Ability Bar

Infinite Ability Points

Max Materials


God Mode

No Reload

Infinite Ability Bar

Infinite Ability Points

Max Materials

The cheat table is fresh off the counter so I don’t know how reliable it is in reference to the game’s launch version.

Sometimes cheat tables require a little bit of tweaking and modifying before settling into a stable version. So please do keep that in mind if you choose to go that route.

Alternatively, there’s a free cheat table you can download for the Cheat Engine from over on The Cheat Script.

The table contains the following cheats for Control:

Unlimited Source

Unlimited Skill Points

Unlimited HP

Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Ability

The cheat table comes in two different formats, including a version compatible with DirectX 11 and a version compatible with DirectX 12.

So it should have you covered for whichever version of the game you decide to play.

And finally, there’s a free cheat table available for download for the Cheat Engine from over on Fearless Revolution.

The table contains the following Control cheats:


Damage Multiplier

Max Ammo/No Reload

Max Energy

Ignore Ability Points

I have to say, these are probably the best cheat options out of them all. The ability to utilize slow motion is really cool, which is basically just a Cheat Engine speed hack, and the walk key for keyboard and mouse players is also probably useful if you want to walk around and shoot up the Hiss like a badass.

The table is only available in DX11 format, but it’s steadily being updated with new content and options, including improved compatibility for the newer versions of Control… which will likely be patched in the coming days.

The game is currently available on the Epic Games Store as a timed exclusive, as well as on the Xbox One and PS4.