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Former Mass Effect: Andromeda Producer Fernando Melo Leaves BioWare

If BioWare was the Titanic, it would also be the iceberg. On a serious note, it hasn’t even been a week, and two top people working at the company have left. The first of which is Anthem’s Lead Producer Ben Irving, and now we have former Mass Effect: Andromeda producer and lead producer on the next Dragon Age game Fernando Melo parting ways with BioWare.

In case you aren’t up to speed and you’re wondering, “Who is Fernando Melo? And why should I care?” Well, his track record spans from being Mass Effect: Andromeda’s producer to being the next Dragon Age’s lead producer, which is no longer the case since he’s leaving BioWare.

For a further look into Melo’s work, he was the Senior Producer for Dragon Age 1 and Dragon Age 2. In other words, he’s been working at BioWare for a long time (12 years to be exact).

As of now, Melo has posted up a four-part tweet explanation which details why he left and where you can find his next move in the foreseeable future:

It’s worth noting that Melo left on his own terms, meaning that he was not fired or forced out by BioWare.

At this rate, how many more people will jump ship and attempt to leave BioWare to pursue their “dreams”? Time will tell.

Despite Melo leaving during the next Dragon Age’s development, according to Creative Director Matthew Goldman, he confirmed back in 2018 that “colorful companions,” “romance,” and “epic choices” are a mainstay. In other words, get ready for Social Justice filled moments and the like if it ever hits store shelves and the digital scene.

So there you have it, another BioWare dev has left.

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