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Cossacks 3 Cheats Feature Infinite Resources, Population

GSC Game World’s strategy game, Cossacks 3 is a Southern-Russian-themed strategy game that takes place back during the 17th and 18th centuries. The real-time strategy game boasts an impressive amount of on-screen units, enabling gamers to see battles unfold with more than 32,000 soldiers on the field. For gamers who don’t really want to rely on skill to win the day, there are some cheats to help you out.

The first cheat trainer is available for free and can be downloaded from over on the Mr. Antifun forum.

There are only three cheats available in the Cossacks 3 trainer, as listed below:

Infinite Resources

Super Population Limit

Selected Unit Super Health

To make use of the cheats you first have to start a game world and then once it’s loaded up you can then activate the options you want. However, for the population and resource cheats, be sure to turn them off right after you make use of them, otherwise they may glitch up your game.

The second trainer is available for download from over on

This trainer comes equipped with the following Cossacks 3 cheats:

+10.000 Wood

+10.000 Food

+10.000 Stone

+10.000 Gold

+10.000 Iron

Some of the options are free but the rest are premium. For instance, the +10,000 wood cheat is free, and you can basically make use of it to gain infinite amounts of wood.

Additionally, the MegaDev trainer has been updated to match the latest updates for Cossacks 3, including the Guardians of the Highlands expansion pack, which released back in 2017.

There’s a premium trainer that’s available for download over on Cheat Happens.

The Cossacks 3 trainer features the following cheat options:






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It covers the basic infinite resources as well as the ability to raise populations, buff the HP for your units, alter the building HP, and acquire instant upgrades. Now the weak HP cheats are useful for attacking enemy strongholds or armies, where you can diminish their HP by selecting the enemy unit or building and activating the weak HP cheat.

Last but not least are the basic in-game cheats you can access by pressing Ctrl+Enter to open up console dialog box.

As listed on GameFaqs, inputting the following commands will activate the corresponding cheats in Cossacks 3:

Res (resource name) (resource amount) Showallmissions

Makes all missions available Freecamera

Removes the height limit and angle on the camera

For the resource cheat, when you put in “res” you then need to type in the name of the resource, which includes: food, wood, stone, gold, iron, and coal.

You follow up the resource name with the amount that you want.

From there you should be all set.

Of course, the in-game cheats are nowhere near as robust as the cheat trainer options, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Cossacks 3 is currently available right now over on the Steam store and other participating digital distribution outlets for just $19.99.