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3 Minutes To Midnight, LucasArts-Inspired Point-And-Click Game Set In 1940s Heads To Kickstarter

Scarecrow Studios originally announced 3 Minutes To Midnight back in March of 2018. The developers were dipping their toes in the marketing waters, getting gamers ready for their eventual crowdfunding run. Well, a year later they finally took to Kickstarter to get their game funded.

The point-and-click comedy is obviously inspired by the classic LucasArts titles of the 1990s, back when Tim Schafer used to make good games.

The art-style and motif attempts to dive into the serial-comics aesthetics from the Oldsmobile era, giving gamers somewhat of a new-school take on a classic genre. You can check out the pitch video below to see what the the gameplay art is like.

Players don the roles of Betty Anderson and Eliza Barrett, two young girls in a small New Mexico town on the outskirts of civilization.

Things go awry for Betty when she’s awaken one night from a mysterious explosion, which manages to wipe her memory clean. She engages in trailblazing deep dive into military conspiracies, outwitting mafioso types, dodging the army, and trying to stay one step ahead of a dangerously ambitious mayor.

The core game will feature 15 hours of gameplay, with classic point-and-click dialogue, puzzle-solving and character interactions to keep the momentum flowing. You’ll be able to interact with over 1,000 different objects to figure out where to go, who to talk to, and what to do to progress the story forward.

The high-definition art itself is inviting, but the animations are Flash-based, so that’s something to keep in mind.

3 Minutes To Midnight isn’t set to release until June, 2020 next year. They’ve currently accrued $19,400 of a near $55,000 goal. Seems like they’re on the pathway to success given that they still have 29 days to go.

If you’re interested in learning more you can visit the Kickstarter page.

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