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Indivisible Cheats Offer Unlimited XP, Party God Mode

Lab Zero’s Indivisible has been receiving warm receptions from the usual suspects because it stars a POC, and playable straight white males are about as prominently featured in the game as irrigation systems are prominently installed in Somalia. In any case, if you picked up a copy of the game but now you’re just trying to hurry through to the end, there are some cheats to help you out.

First up is a free cheat trainer you can download from over on Cheat Evolution.

The trainer comes equipped with the following Indivisible cheats:

Activate Trainer

Infinite Health

Infinite Energy

Easy Kills

No Actions Cooldown

All of the cheats work like a charm right out of the gate. However, you will first need to kill an enemy before you activate the unlimited XP cheat. Otherwise you’re good to go.

The next trainer offers free and premium options and can be acquired from over on

The trainer has some interesting cheat options for Indivisible, which you can check out below:

Add Ringsels x10 (Open pause menu screen)

Easy Exp x100

Add Ringsels x100 (Open pause menu screen)

Infinite Energy

Easy Exp x1000

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So in addition to the options that are present in the Cheat Evolution trainer, there’s also the ability to make use of a god mode for the entire party, instead of just for the main character.

As for the free options from the trainer, you can gain infinite amounts of experience points with the easy EXP cheat, which adds 100XP per use, and you can use it indefinitely to max out your experience. Additionally, there’s the free ringsels cheat, which adds 10 free ringsels per use. You can make use of this cheat by opening up the pause menu screen and pressing left shift + F1. Everything else is premium and will require a membership.

Up next is a frequently updated trainer available for download from over on Cheat Happens.

This trainer comes with the following Indivisible cheats:

Unlimited Party Health

Full Iddhi Meter

Fast Action Cooldown Reset

Weak Enemies

Enemies Don't Attack

This has similar cheats to the others but mostly all condensed into single options, such as instead of having a god mode for the player-character and a god mode for the entire party, you just get unlimited party health for everyone.

There’s also a cooldown reset cheat so you can spam big attacks constantly, along with the ability to modify the game speed.

The downside, however, is that you will need a premium membership with Cheat Happens to make use of the trainer.

Last but not least is a free cheat table for the Cheat Engine available from Fearless Revolution.

The cheat table features the following cheats:


Infinite Health

Infinite Energy

Easy Kills

Unlimited Actions (No cooldown)

Unlimited XP

The cheat table doesn’t quite contain as many options as the other premium trainers, but it is free, so there’s that.

Of course, the game still has the issue of being the wet dream for the kind of shady people that hang around the Twitter corners at night, but if that’s your jam then that’s your jam and I can’t stop you from injecting pozz into your life’s palette of poor decision-making skills.

Indivisible is currently available on the Steam store for PC, and digitally for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.