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1573420cookie-checkKotaku Reels As G/O Media Forces Politics Out Of Deadspin And Staff Resigns
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Kotaku Reels As G/O Media Forces Politics Out Of Deadspin And Staff Resigns

G/O Media recently instituted a “no politics” policy at Deadspin, which resulted in some of the staff rebelling against their new owners and going ahead and writing about politics at the sports website anyway. This resulted in Deadspin debuty editor Barry Petchesky being fired.

G/O Media attempted to delete the blog posts that Petchesky made, which only in-flamed the bloggers to spread the news even more about their owners attempting to quell all of the rage-bait that the Gizmodo brands have been known for.

YouTuber The Quartering did a breakdown of the situation, which you can check out below.

In response to G/O Media’s decision – who purchased the Gizmodo brand of websites back in the spring – some of the Kotaku staff took to Twitter to broadcast how rebellious they were toward G/O Media’s decision to remove politics out of Deadspin and implement sitewide autoplay ads on articles.

Kotaku blogger Jason Schreier revealed that the Gizmodo union offers starting pay of $50,000 for writers.

A lot of people took Kotaku to task for writing such horrible content while making as much as they have.

However, after Petchesky was fired on October 29th, 2019, various Deadspin staff walked out in protest, as reported by Awful Announcing.

It’s not clear yet if any of Kotaku’s staff have been fired or quit in the wake of the Deadspin shake-up, but there’s currently a lot of chatter surrounding the outlet and the fate of the once revered and now sneered gaming blog.

If things go the way many hope, it could mean that after Kotaku got woke, all of their bloggers could be going broke.

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