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Noita Cheats Grant You Unlimited Mana, Easy Kills, Invincibility

Nolla Games’ physics-based platformer Noita has found its way into Early Access on Steam for PC, and gamers are finding out just how challenging the game can be. For those of you having a tough time progressing, there are some cheat options available for you.

The first trainer is available for free from over on Cheat Evolution.

The trainer features seven cheat options for Noita, as listed below:

Unlimited Health

Easy Kills

Unlimited Mana

Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Gold

In order to make use of the easy kills cheat you’ll first need to activate the unlimited health cheat. From there, everything else can be utilized as quickly as a Rabbi begs for a penny in his pockets.

The second trainer is also free and can be downloaded from over on

The trainer features the following Noita cheats:

Unlimited Health

Unlimited Oxygen

Unlimited Wand Mana

Unlimited Jetpack

Unlimited Items

This trainer has been regularly updated to accommodate the changes made throughout the Early Access run. However, in order to get the trainer to work you’ll first need to open up Steam, boot up the game, alt-Tab out of the game and then proceed to open up the WeMod trainer app.

When WeMod is open, proceed to click on “Play in WeMod” to activate the trainer for Noita, and from there you’ll be able to make use of the various cheats provided in the trainer.

There’s a free and premium trainer available for download over on

The Noita trainer comes equipped with the following cheats:

50 Dollar

+500 Dollar

Unlimited mana

Unlimited levitation / jetpack

Unlimited oxygen

The trainer’s one free cheat includes the 50 free gold. You can easily spam this cheat to attain unlimited amounts of gold, which could very easily make your play experience in Noita so much easier than usual.

However, beyond that, the rest of the cheats are all premium. You’ll need a membership with MegaDev to gain access to the unlimited mana, god mode, and other options.

Then there’s a full-on premium trainer you can acquire from Cheat Happens.

The trainer comes equipped with the following Noita cheats:

Unlimited Health

Invincible Mode

Unlimited Jetpack

Unlimited Mana

Unlimited Wand Ammo

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While you will need a premium membership to access the cheats, they do give you plenty of different options to tool around with. I can also imagine the removal of the wand casting delay would come in handy for gamers looking to cast their magic at a rapid-fire rate, or make use of the ability to edit their mana or health to a certain extent so you’re not always invincible or have unlimited amounts of mana.

In any case, if you’re strapped for cash the free options are probably your best bet.

Alternatively, you can gain access to a free cheat table provided by the good folks over at Fearless Revolution.

Veteran cheat extraordinaire, STN, rolled out the following cheat table for Noita:

Unlimited Health

Easy Kills

Unlimited Mana

Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited Oxygen

Now some people might say “Why to bother with the other trainers if this cheat table is free?!?!” Well, because as noted by STN, cheat tables typically stop working once the game is patched.

Trainers are typically updated with each new patch, or when major patches take place that renders them obsolete. There’s usually a little more mileage that you can gain out of the trainer compared to the table, depending on the game. Now, if the game is popular enough expect the cheat tables for the Cheat Engine to be updated regularly. If it’s not very popular? Well, stick with the trainer.

As for Noita… the game has been a passion project for the developers since way back in early 2017. The physics-based rogue-lite adventure platformer really turns the platforming space on its head thanks to a wickedly cool magic system. The game made its way into Early Access in late September, which means you can currently pick up a digital copy of Noita on PC right now from over on the Steam store for just $17.99.