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The Outer Worlds Cheats Offer Infinite Ammo, One-Hit Kills, No Reload

Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division’s The Outer Worlds is the latest in a long line of lackluster first-person shooters and “quirky” role-playing games with insufferable characters, hideous females, and boring gameplay.

Nevertheless, a bunch of people has likely been compelled to throw away $60 on the Xbox One, PS4, and Epic Games Store timed exclusive in order to feel like they’re fitting in with the “cool kids”. I would pity the fool who did such a thing if I had a heart, but I don’t. Even still, for gamers who wasted their time and money on this propaganda sink, they can at least take some pittance of joy in manipulating the game from top to bottom thanks to cheats.

There’s a free The Outer Worlds Cheats table that recently became available over on Fearless Revolution for those of you still rocking the Cheat Engine.

The table contains the following cheats for The Outer Worlds:

Infinite Health

Infinite Ammo

Max/Infinite Reserve Ammo

Infinite Durability

Infinite Items

The table is free so you simply have to download it and load it into your Cheat Engine to make the most of it.

Do keep in mind that oftentimes games go through rapid version updates during the first few weeks of release, because most AAA and AA games launch broken as crap, and you can’t rely on them to be playable or operable during the launch period. What this means is that frequent updates can sometimes break cheat tables, and it’s likely you’ll need to keep an eye on the forum thread for any updates to the cheat table if the one you download doesn’t work.

There’s another free trainer available over on Cheat Evolution.

The trainer comes with the following cheat options for The Outer Worlds:

Activate Trainer

Unlimited Health

One-Hit Kills

Unlimited Ammo

No Reload

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For the money cheat you’ll need to activate it first and then open and close your inventory for it to take effect. For the weight cheat, be sure to pick up and drop an item after you activate it for it to take effect.

Now for those of you who don’t have the time nor the patience to fiddle around with the Cheat Engine, there’s a cheat trainer you can get your hands on over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer contains the following Outer World cheats:

Infinite Health

Infinite Tactical Time Dilation

One Hit Kills

Infinite Item Durability

Unlimited Ammo

The good part about it is that it basically gives you everything you need to breeze through the game without slowing down an inch.

The bad part about it is that the trainer requires a premium membership with Cheat Happens.

Now the other good part about the Cheat Happens trainer is that it’s compatible with the Game Pass and Windows Store version of The Outer Worlds. Now that’s the significance of this feature? What it means is that if you make use of an Xbox Live account, you can save your game on the PC version, and then when you play it on the Xbox version, the saved data from your Xbox Live account will still apply. So technically you can cheat on PC but benefit from it on Xbox One.

As for The Outer Worlds, the game is another ho-hum, quest-fetching snooze-fest. If you absolutely have nothing else to play then I guess you’re going to pick up a copy anyway, but if you have a real game to play, it’s probably best you play that instead.

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