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1576290cookie-checkUbisoft Wants To Turn Existing IPs Into TV Shows, But Wants To Tone Down M-Rated Adaptations

Ubisoft Wants To Turn Existing IPs Into TV Shows, But Wants To Tone Down M-Rated Adaptations

Ubisoft is looking to expand outside of the games industry and enter into the TV space more prominently. To do so, the company wants to bring more of its video game intellectual properties to the small screen, which includes titles based on Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Watch Dogs. However, Ubisoft doesn’t want to bring M-rated content to TV and wants to cater to “tweens” with a “diverse” cast of characters.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, we learn that the French company wants to follow up on its fourth season of the Rabbids Invasion series on Netflix by sifting through its library to create content on the small screen “for all ages.”

The website writes that the game company that likes to overuse the open-world setup and milk the Assassin’s Creed franchise wants to tone things down and make its mature games TV shows for a younger audience:

“For slightly older viewers, Ubisoft is toning down its M-rated Watch Dogs action-adventure franchise for a tamer “cybermystery” aimed at tweens. The show centers on a teenaged “super hacker” who solves crimes in her high school.”

Despite Ubisoft having other family-friendly programs as upcoming shows such a comedy-adventure inspired by the Rayman franchise and Hungry Shark Squad based on the mobile game Hungry Shark, the company doesn’t want its TV property to be too “mature.”

The shows that sound like they reach the top of Ubisoft’s “mature limit” consist of the Watch Dogs spin-off Cybermystery, and Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe based on the Far Cry 3 expansion known as Blood Dragon.

The latter show, according to Ubisoft film and television managing director Helene Juguet, will see Netflix’s Castlevania producer Adi Shankar helping out.

However, none of the above paints a better visual picture as to what is to come than showing you the actual concept art for Cybermystery:


The next splash art is of Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe:


And the second to last art piece that the Hollywood Reporter has is of Hungry Shark Squad:


The Hollywood Reporter also reveals concept art for the unnamed Rayman inspired comedy series:


Lastly, Ubisoft is also working on an animated sketch comedy about video game culture, which will likely throw dishonest shade at gamers.

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