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1571080cookie-checkDragon Quest Builders 2 Set To Arrive On Steam Starting Dec 10th

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Set To Arrive On Steam Starting Dec 10th

Square Enix announced that for the first time ever the Dragon Quest series will finally make the leap from home consoles to PC. The first in what’s hopefully going to be many additional entries in the Dragon Quest line to grace the glorious PC master land, will be Dragno Quest Builders 2. The game is scheduled to release on December 10th, 2019 next month for $59.99 over on the Steam store.

The game features an open-world sandbox where players take on the role of an adventurer in a foreign land where you have to craft, build, and explore.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 originally came out for the PS4 and later for the Nintendo Switch, and so PC gamers are getting the game years later, but the good part is that it contains all of the previously released DLC for the game, including all of the additional recipes, hairstyles, clothing items, and the areas to explore.

Sadly, even though the game is coming to PC years late, there’s still a pre-purchase bonus!

It’s like you just can’t get away from that nonsense.

In any case, between today and January 6th, 2020 anyone who pre-purchases the game will receive additional in-game bonuses, including an ornamental medicinal herb recipe, a dragon quest logo recipe, an ornamental chimaera wing recipe, a lo-res luminary recipe, a legendary line art recipe, and five sigil block recipes.

You’ll also be able to play online via the multiplayer mode, which allows for up to four players to join together to build and fight their way across the open world.

The game could best be described as Portal Knights meets Minecraft with a Dragon Quest aesthetic.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the game, you can pre-purchase a copy right now for $59.99 or wait until December 10th to purchase the game when it releases in full. If you want a friendly reminder about the game’s availability, be sure to wishlist it from over on the Steam store page.

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