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1571182cookie-checkNASCAR Heat 4 Cheats Offer Infinite Money, Unlimited Fans
18 November 2019
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NASCAR Heat 4 Cheats Offer Infinite Money, Unlimited Fans

704Games’ NASCAR Heat has been an enduring series the last several years, with each new iteration managing to add a little bit of this and a little bit of that to keep interest high and entertainment values intact. If you managed to pick up a copy of NASCAR Heat 4, there are some cheats available for you to exploit for your convenience.

The first trainer is available from over on

The trainer contains the following cheats for NASCAR Heat 4:

+100 Fans

+1,000 Money

Only two cheats.

The ability to accrue unlimited fans happens to be a free cheat, but the ability to add $1,000 repeatedly will require a gold membership with MegaDev.

There’s another trainer available over on Cheat Happens.

The trainer comes with a few extra options than the MegaDev one, as listed below:

Freeze AI Cars

Spinout AI Cars

Send AI Cars into Air

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Fans

Again, you will need to register with premium membership with Cheat Happens if you want the unlimited money cheat, or if you want to force the AI to freeze or spinout.

There’s also a cheat table for the Cheat Engine, but it’s a Patreon-only perk.

Cheat trainers for NASCAR Heat 4 seem to be a rarity for some odd reason.

Nevertheless, the game itself is out and available on PS4, Xbox One, and over on the Steam store for PC. The game features a bustling career mode that spans multiple racing disciplines, including dirt racing and trucks.


The game is budget-priced at only $49.99 and doesn’t look half bad (on PC, anyway). The game comes jam-packed with more than 150 cars and teams and more than 38 different tracks. There are also multiple DLC packs that have been made available, too.

Hopefully, as the game gains more popularity more cheat tables will be made available for Nascar Heat 5.

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