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Need For Speed Heat Cheats Offer Unlimited Money, Infinite Nitro

Electronic Arts and Ghost Games’ Need For Speed Heat on PC, PS4, and Xbox One is a “diversity” ridden travesty filled with needless grinding, no proper straight white male characters that you can play as, and a constant deluge of degenerate counter-culture from the L.A., racing scene. Nevertheless, if you were one of the unlucky blokes to put some coin down for EA’s latest racing title, there are some cheats for you.

The first trainer is available from over on the WeMod website.

The trainer contains the following Need For Speed Heat cheats:

Freeze Ai Vehicles

No Vehicle Damage

Unlimited Nitro

Unlimited Money

It’s not many but it’s enough to make a serious dent in the gameplay as far as impacting your in-game finances and play-time are concerned.

Not having to worry about vehicle damage means you don’t have to worry about repairs, and not having to worry about money means you can buy whatever car you want from the shop and blast through the races as well as an upgrade to your heart’s content. The only downside is that unlimited money doesn’t give you unlimited rep, and you’ll still have to grind your way up through the ranks to unlock a lot of customization parts and performance options.

The second trainer is available from over on the site.

The cheats contained within the Need For Speed Heat trainer is listed below:

Opponents max 4th gear

Refill nitro

Opponents max 3rd gear

Infinite nitro

Opponents max 2nd gear

The MegaDev trainer contains free and premium options. The free option allows you to limit the number of gear shifts your opponents can make, effectively sticking them at 4th gear for the entire race. It’s terribly useful in the early goings or latter half of the game given that a lot of the high-end vehicles need to hit 5th or 6th gear to really maximize their upper-end horsepower.

Of course, the other cheats, such as no car damage or infinite nitro, will require a premium membership to make use of them.

If you’re keen on making use of premium options then Cheat Happens has a trainer.

The cheat tool contains the following cheats for Need For Speed Heat:

Freeze Nearby AI Drivers

Unlimited Nitrous Supply

No Damage To Cars

Reset Player Damage Meter

Reset Heat

It’s the same kind of cheats available as the other trainers, only instead of giving you infinite amounts of money you can simply edit your money count.

There’s also a free cheat script available for the Cheat Engine over on Fearless Revolution.

If you know how to create tables or scripts you can copy the code from the post made by relentless tech. Alternatively, you can wait for a proper cheat table to be made available for download and have it at it that way.

Need For Speed Heat is currently available on Origin for PC, the Xbox One, and PS4.