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1572800cookie-checkNew Guilty Gear Trailer Reveals Potemkin And Chipp Joining Playable Demo

New Guilty Gear Trailer Reveals Potemkin And Chipp Joining Playable Demo

Two more characters have been revealed for Arc System Works’ upcoming New Guilty Gear, this time it’s throwback characters from the original, Chipp and Potemkin. Both characters have been given a much needed visual overhaul to match with the dynamic, anime-inspired art-style that the developers have managed to infuse into their 3D-sculpted thespians.

The trailer introduces the two characters and then reveals that they’re part of the Arcrevo America 2019 demo. We originally found out about the upcoming demo when Arc System Works dropped the Axl trailer back at the end of October.

The trailer starts with a completely redesigned Chipp Zanuff, who looks a little bit like Krizalid from King of Fighters ’99. He’s in a sleeveless vest with a top that has a strap-up leather neck covering. You can check out Chipp and his exotic new look below.

Chipp has a large rope around his waist and the classic ninja pants he sported in previous iterations.

If you were hoping for his teleport-centric moveset to return, it has.

The trailer sees Chipp zipping and zooming around the stage, whipping out quick combos and dash attacks to throw his opponents off kilter.

Guilty Gear - Chipp Zanuff

After revealing that Chipp would be the fifth of six playable characters in the Guilty Gear demo, the trailer then dedicates just under a minute to Potemkin, who has been completely revamped and looks a heck of a lot more threatening than he has in previous outings.

I never really liked Potemkin because he was a slow, lumbering character who was difficult to use. However, this Potemkin looks like a super soldier incarnate, and I’m loving his armored officer look.

New Guilty Gear - Potemkin

His armor reminds me a lot of Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist.

There are some really awesome moves on display by Potemkin that makes him look like a legitimate badass. His mechanical grab moves and attacks make him look like a fearsome opponent in the arena.

Guilty Gear - Potemkin Salute

You’ll be able to play as Potemkin, Chipp, Sol, May, Ky and Axl.

The Arcevo America playable demo will be present at the e-sports event between November 16th and November 17th. Additionally, they revealed that English dubbing will be present in the game, along with Japanese voiceovers. Gamers will be able to switch between the two based on their preference.

The New Guilty Gear is due to release in 2020 for home consoles and PC.

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