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31 December 2019

Night Slashers X, 4-Player Beat-‘Em-Up Starring Ash From Evil Dead Available For Download

What happens when you combine the original Night Slashers with Splatterhouse and Evil Dead? You get Night Slashers X. The Sega Model 2-inspired beat-’em-up is currently available for download right now, waiting and begging for you to bring in the new year with a fistful of boomstick.

The game is a fan-made title based on Data East’s original arcade game, Night Slashers. As reported by Free Game Planet, the title was developed by BonusJZ using OpenBOR, and it not only features Ash from Evil Dead but three other night hunters as well, including the original characters Jake Hunter, Christopher Smith, and theJasmin.

You can get an idea of what the gameplay looks like with the video below, courtesy of Alpha Beta Gamer.

The game utilizes the basic multi-hit combos by spamming the attack button, and you can build up a meter and unleash a special on hordes of the undead.

The premise of fighting zombies as one of the last surviving humans makes a ton of sense when you throw Ash Williams into the mix.

As pointed out in the article, the game is hard as heck and you only have two continues, so try not to die. It requires a lot of skill and maneuvering around to make the most of what little resources you have at your disposal.

However, to balance out the game’s difficulty there’s the option to have three other comrades join you in some four-player, beat-’em-up action.

As pointed out by oldyz on the ChronoCrash forums, there’s a bonus level where if you complete it you can gain an extra life and a continue, but if you lose you die and you lose all your continues and lives.

You can download the fan-made game right now from the Mediafire link.

Get it while it’s hot before some pesky corporate entity lobs a cease and desist at them with an accompanying DMCA claim.

(Thanks for the news tip Migi)

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